What To Do If My Laptop Screen Freezes in 2024?

Laptops are one of the greatest innovations patented over the course of years helping to accelerate the rate of human field progress. It turned out to be one of the game changers in the battlefield of technology whose access, and handiness know no boundary and falls under the category of wide application range. Be it a website designer completing his task in the flight or be it the YouTube dance tutorial video you are learning from, laptops pave a path that is gonna take this everyone to a futuristic world.

But what if a sudden hindrance pops up and disrupts your whole plan? Sounds kinda frightening, ha-ha but it’s no joke. With all the rigorous work and background apps working simultaneously, your laptop can suffer glitches and the screen may freeze. Your whole plan can ruin, or you can even get fired from your workplace depending upon the importance of the work stored in it. These laptop glitches aren’t easy to handle and require someone professional to be taken care of. But where will you get a service centre on a flight or if you are running out of time but a trip to a service centre can cause a lot of time and money price?

Worried? Well, don’t be. The article given here will provide some pro tips to restore your laptop back to its original condition.

Why Does The Laptop Screen Freezes

1. Laptop Overheating

One of the most common reasons that cause your laptop to suffer regular freezing is overheating. The symptoms that are depicted are noisy operation and squealing sound that proves the heating of the processor which is a quite dangerous situation. In many cases the temperature of the processor can even rise due to surrounding temperature conditions hence use a device casing where the temperature factor is unavoidable.

2. Outdated or Faulty Drivers

The driver is one of the major parts of a device that should be updated and error free otherwise the device is bound to suffer frequent freezing and other symptoms. So, make sure to update them and clear off the troubles.

3. Simultaneous Process of Several Apps

This is a very crucial factor that should be taken care of. Many users are fond of opening all the operations altogether even if they no longer need them, but they don’t know this fondness is trashing your device. All the programs and applications consume space in the memory of the device for both working and even if they are just open. With a lot of open applications your device run out of space and causes intermittent freezing that can turn out as bothersome.

4. RAM Shortage

Insufficient RAM can also be one of the major problems that can cause regular interval freezing. The requirement of a considerable amount of RAM is important as many modern days game software and other 3D applications are quite bulky and hence require sufficient RAM for smooth functioning otherwise it could lead to hanging issues. In such cases, you need to upgrade your RAM or reinstall your windows OS.

5. Virus Detection

This is also one of the common causes of sudden device malfunction and freezing and in most cases, the odds are high that it’s due to virus infection when a device fails to respond to the commands. Scanning can assure you about virus rampage.

6. Running Low on Disk Space

Now, this is also one of the most obvious reasons why your device may freeze rhythmically since efficient running and installation of the OS require sufficient disk space. Once you run out of space your laptop will no longer be able to support basic functions thus causing a hindrance in your work. Your laptop will show a red bar to indicate the shortage of disk space for running Windows OS.

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Solutions to Overcome Laptop Screen Freezing

1. Wait for While

If your device is currently performing a CPU-intensive program and suddenly it seems like it froze permanently don’t fret. Wait for a while for the device to automatically coop up from the trouble is effective in most cases since majorly, they are random occurrences and no chronic problems.

Some tasks consume all the RAM required for efficient processing and giving your device some time will help the device to free up space. It solves problems in many cases but looks out for the frequency of this disturbance.

2. Shut the Culprit Program

If normal methods do not work and your laptop still hanging in the situation, it is time to dig up the cause and get rid of it. Enter the command Ctrl + Alt + Delete in the keyboards and select the task manager option from the previous screen options and you’ll see a list of running programs. Those who have MAC can enter the command Command + Option + Escape to view a similar scenario.

Look out for the ones that do not respond, select them and click End Task to end the program. if you are confronting an isolated program then you don’t even have to bleed your hands and end it. As soon as you’ll end the hinder program, your device will snap back to responsive mode, and you can continue your work after rebooting.

For a program that always causes hindrance while working, you need to uninstall it or look out for other options otherwise your device will keep on getting manipulated.

3. Check on the Browser Task Manager

There are times when your laptop is working fine but your browser gets stuck on a particular page and causes freezing while you try to run something else that creates an illusion of the whole system freezing whereas, in reality, it’s just the page you’re on. In cases like those, your browser pops up with a message notifying the lag in responding. Hence you need to search deeper to overcome such issues.

In chrome and edge enter the command Shift + Esc to open the browser’s task manager. If you have Firefox, then go to the menu button and click More Tools > Task Manager that’ll give you info regarding the different processes running within the browser that’ll help in getting a clue to the root cause.

4. Laptop-Bug Scan

As already concerned about the virus rampage that can disconnect your input and laptop output, you should definitely give it a shot since an overall device scan does not hurt and consumes a very little portion of your time moreover if you haven’t done any scanning for a while back. If something odd pops up, go for further measures to uproot it.

5. Rebooting

In cases where you are convinced your laptop is overall frozen and that it’s not even responding to the command for task manager you only have one option and that’s the hard reset. Press down the power button on your keyboard for a few seconds and release. After shutting it down again press it back to boot your device.

In case you are worried that work was frozen before rebooting, don’t worry. Applications like Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint comes with auto-save backups that’ll restore the previous pages before rebooting. Other manual methods include File > Info > Manage Document(s) > Recover Unsaved Document.

6. Clear up the Memory Space

For the laptop to work flawlessly and efficiently make sure your device has sufficient memory space since the processor and other important applications required for basic device functions eat up a major part of space. If you have run out of space immediately clear the memory space to restore your laptop back.

7. Look out for Recent Drives Download

As many situations do not come up cause like this, there are chances when your laptop can hang while opening a particular application as the old drivers and recent drivers may conflict only to result in computer unresponsiveness. Hence make sure to reinstall those out-dates drivers for the smooth and cutting-edge work performance of your device.

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In case you still can’t regain your laptop’s responsive behaviour, consult the service centre. If your laptop’s warranty has not expired, they’ll look out for the issue free of cost but if the warranty has expired check out a good repair shop and look if they can deal with the situation. In case the issue is more complicated and costs a high repair cost bear a new laptop or device though it can turn out as a bummer, your work will progress.

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