How To Remove Ants From Laptop in 2024 [7 Ways]

After the invention of the computer when lifestyle became more hectic we look out for a solution that is usable anywhere and easy to use. To satisfy this need, Laptops came to the generation in the 20th century. Science always helped people but negligence in handling these gadgets may cause this type of problem. Eating during dealing with laptops, negligence of cleanliness, messy room, and using the laptop after a long period may be the reason ants are getting into your laptop. When the food particles are dropped down the laptop’s keyboard and it is not to be cleaned for many days, ants will come upon your laptop.

After this happens, many of us look out for the solutions on internet and YouTube, but sometimes the wrong method can damage your laptop very badly. So whom to be believed? Don’t worry because all are not giving fake solutions. I sincerely faced this problem and get out of it with the best method. So, read out the full article to know the right method of “How to Remove Ants from Laptop?”.

How To Remove Ants From Laptop?

  • Heating your laptop for some time, shaking it up carefully, or normally using a blower or brush with alcohol makes the ants out from your laptop. You have to be very much careful while doing that.

Do Ants Damage your Laptop?

When you came to know about ants are entering your laptop freely, the first question that arrived to your mind is whether dose ants damage your laptop or can it be a cause of lifetime damage to your laptop. Well in many cases it does not harm your laptop that much but it can harm your laptop when the infestation is high. When the ants are infesting in r laptop for a long time it causes internal and external damage to your laptop. Ants can damage a laptop by accidentally blocking important things and relay paths. Ants can damage the fans of your laptop as they in many numbers to set up their colony on motors and bearings that spin the fan.

  1. When An Ant got stuck in Your laptop sometimes accidentally in search of food and a warm place ants can go inside your laptop but it cannot be the reason for worry because when you use the laptop for a long time it got heated and when the much more heat generated, then and come out naturally out of the laptop because ants don’t tolerate too much heat, sometimes negatively heat can help in their infestation. But if the fan fails the laptop will overheat and then they have to leave the environment.
  2. When Ants are investing for a longer period After a long time of not using your laptop or your lack of observance may happen this type of situation. If you have a much larger infestation, you’ll likely notice many more ants coming and going via vents and ports. The ants that come and go are usually scouts, looking for food and water to bring back to the colony. When they are in large numbers they must interrupt the power supply line because the area is always warm since it is the main power inlet. They will target the area first after infesting and damage it over the long run.

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How Do You Know Ants are Infesting Your Laptop?

If ants are infesting your laptop for a long period, then it stating to damage internal damage first, so for us, it is difficult to determine if they are in or not. But some signs are there through which you can understand whether ants are into your laptop or not.


When you work for a longer period, it generally heated your laptop and some ants must be coming out through any opening as they cannot tolerate a less excessive amount of heat.


Your keyboard will be slow, due to a very infestation of ants blocking the laptop’s keyboard buttons from reaching the lower side to send commands as you type. You will notice you have to type harder for the input and after some time the keyboard may fail to function totally.


Due to heavy infestation, the fan line is blocked and after normal use, the laptop smells bad because it generates overheating and which may cause the death of the ants trapped deep inside the laptop. Even if the laptop is not overheating, some ants produce a bad smell when killed.


Sometimes the laptop is overheated, and the sudden appearance of ants on the laptop screen or the keyboard becomes very often when the infestation is heavy. As ants hide on your laptop joints and right at the base, they can crawl from anywhere and if you see more than two ants in the interval of five minutes, then it will be a clear sign of an infestation of ants in your laptop.

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How To Remove Ants From Your Laptop?

There are a lot of ways to get rid of ants from your laptop. I will briefly discuss with you all the methods. If you found any sign of ant infesting you have to be fast to get out of that problem because the more they stay it will become worse.

1. Keep Your Laptop in a Clean Space For a Long Time

Where you keep your laptop mostly make sure any food is not kept there or in around for a long time. When you get to know about the infestation of ants in your laptop, you have to be cautious about the food supply around your laptop. If you mostly keep your laptop on any table, then it should be clean and free from any sugary stuff that may attract the ants. Ants in your laptop have to come out for food. If you stop their food supply that they can manage from your dirty desk also, they have to leave your laptop within some days.

2. White Vinegar

White vinegar can be the best remedy for this ant infestation because it burns and kills the ants. If you keep a drop of white vinegar in a cloth near your laptop, it automatically generates a simulation that brings the ants out of the laptop and kills them there. You can use White vinegar as cleansing equipment to clean the desk after removing all the food from it. White vinegar repels the ants from your laptop. To keep away ants from your laptop, open the laptop and wipe out this with pure vinegar.

3. Heated Up

In most cases, ants generally cannot tolerate much heat. They generally prefer warm places when the temperature outside is cold. Overusing a laptop when it is plugged in generates much more heat than the ants inside your laptop cannot bear. If you have signs of ant infestation in your laptop you can block all the airflow in your laptop for at least 15-20 minutes to drive out the ants from your laptop. But don’t continue the process for a long time because too much heat is not good for your laptop also. Once the ants are getting out from your laptop, you can wipe them out with alcohol and remove them completely.

4. Make an Island

Don’t you hear about the fear of falling out? This unusual way of evicting ants from your laptop is creating some type of water moat. Here you have to make an isolated island. You can do that by filling a washbowl or something similar with water. In it, you should place something that will resemble an “island” on which you need to place your laptop. Make a “bridge” that will be the only way to leave the “island”.

After that just shake the laptop a little bit and when Any ants come out and see the situation and they feel like they are on an isolated island. When they see that they are surrounded by water and that they have only one way to cross it, they will mobilize themselves and leave their colony – the laptop. But I will not say it’s the best method because some people get effective results out of it but some get nothing to note that you have to be careful while making this setup.

5. Using Alcohol And Blower

After getting the signs that ants are infesting your laptop, spray rubbing alcohol on a brush with bristles and use it to drag them off. Also, use a blower to reach out to those ants that are hiding in the dark corners of the laptop. Rubbing Alcohol will help you to kill the ants while the blower and brush will wipe them out.

6. Ant Bait Near The Laptop

You can easily make ant bait from borax with some sugary things. Keep the bait outside your laptop when your work is done. Make sure you should keep your laptop open so when the ants came out for food they will stumble upon your trap. You can use another insecticide also that makes your work easier. But ant bait is not enough for complete security, opening and cleaning laptops will be best.

7. Taking Professional Help

When the infestation is high and for a long time, it must need the service of the customer care centre. If the method mentioned above did not work you have to understand that the damage is serious and you can not make it happen in your home alone. Then you should take the help of your laptop company’s service centre to clean your laptop thoroughly.

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How To Take Ants Away From Your Laptop?

Prevention is the best key to keeping your laptop safe and secure. Ants are always attracted by food and warm shelter.

  1. So, Make sure that you don’t eat near the laptop and make your keyboard clean of food particles. When there are no food ants always leave if they find a better option.
  2. Where you keep your laptop, that bag or desk should be tidy and clean, Wipe out any strains that attract the ant.


Ant infestation of your laptop cause not only a waste of e your money but also a potential disaster. Nowadays, one’s laptop has many valuable data, and documents, as well as many photos that consist of lots of memory, etc can be destroyed because of these little ants. So why do we allow these ants to enter our laptops? They are insects attracted by food and warm condition. Don’t make your laptop their living place. Just keeping your laptop clean and safe from food particles can take them away from your laptop. After professional help, you must be 100% sure about cleaning the infestation but the laptop itself is very fragile, and opening the system can cause damage. So, it is highly advisable to keep your laptops safe from ants.

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