What is TDS Controller? Don’t Get Fooled by a Salesman!

TDS Controller: TDS refers to the total dissolved solids in water which means the total concentration of dissolved substances in your drinking water. You may have come across the term TDS controller/modulator or MTDS from different brands making water purifiers. And if your search for Water Purifiers is not done yet then you can click here and read our article.

With RO water purifiers getting popular and affordable most of us started getting RO purifiers in our homes, and in some parts of India where TDS is already low getting a RO water purifier would decrease the level of TDS further. But as it removes many harmful materials and microorganisms from the water we can not avoid it And the hand it also removes the essential minerals like calcium and iron from water that are harmful. In that process to make water more edible and with a maintained TDS level we use a TDS controller.

TDS ControllerPrice in India
1. KONVIO NEER TDS Meter₹349
2. Konvio Neer Digital TDS&EC Water and Temperature Meter₹1199

What is a TDS Controller?

A TDS controller is a simple device that can be tightened or loosened via a screw to help you with meeting the right amount of TDS in your drinking water. It doesn’t purify water in any way and is also inexpensive to replace if yours is damaged.

How does this TDS Controller work in Water Purifiers?

It has two input lines, an output line and a screw to tighten or lose it. One of the inputs comes from the RO membrane which is purified in this process and another input comes from the Ultrafiltration membrane or treated with activated carbon or both. 

From the output mix of both water inputs comes as output.

With the help of the screw the mixture ratio can be adjusted, if we want to increase the TDS level we have to increase the input from the Ultrafiltration membrane or treated with activated carbon or both and to decrease the TDS level we have to increase the input from RO water but adjusting the screw.

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What is the recommended TDS level in the water?

A TDS level of 50 to 150 is best for drinking water, lower and higher TDS levels both can be harmful to the human body, so maintaining a certain level necessary. 

Are TDS Controllers useful?

Most of them are very inexpensive and working is very simple as well as dangerous. Let me explain why? One of the inputs is treated with RO membrane but another input is only treated with Ultrafiltration membrane or treated with activated carbon or both which may leave harmful materials like arsenic, and fluoride which is very dangerous.

So we have to keep in mind to test our water too if it contains alarming levels of arsenic or fluoride that may cause harm, and also this device is only helpful in some scenarios where water quality is decently good and a bit low due to being treated with RO.

Many may want to use it to increase their mineral levels, but it’s not safe to use it in that way at all. A better thing is mineralizers that increase the level of minerals in water and makes it healthy to drink.

We should always test our water before getting a RO and we should definitely not use RO where TDS levels are already low as it reduces TDS levels up to 90 per cent in the purification process. All minerals are necessary in a quantity and we should take care of the level of TDS in our drinking water.

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