Why is AC Not Cooling Enough?

If you are noticing that the cooling efficiency of your AC isn’t decreasing day, then this article is for you. here we are gonna share some of the reasons Why is AC Not Cooling Enough?

It is not giving the required amount of cooling effect. You are worried about how to solve this problem? Before solving the problem first, you have to find out the cause. When you will able to find the actual cause then it will be more easy for you to solve the problem. Let’s find the answer to the question Why is AC Not Cooling Enough?

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Why is AC Not Cooling Enough?

There are many causes available for which your AC will not give perfect cooling. I will tell you all the causes one by one. You only have to check them according to the given order.

1. Clogged Air Filter

You have to check this problem first if your AC does not cool efficiently. In normal conditions, you should clean the filter of your AC. If you forgot to clean it then air cannot flow through properly which greatly reduces the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. If this is the problem then clean the filter or if it is not possible then replace the filter.

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2. Dirty Coils

Condenser coils may be dirty and loaded with debris that may cause low cooling. In an AC, the condenser is like a radiator that dissipates heat which was removed from the air. You should check for the condenser coil after checking the air filter. The condenser coil must be clean to dissipate heat outside. As the coils get dirtier the air conditioner becomes less efficient, which makes it work harder to cool the room. If the coils are dirty enough, the unit will never be cold enough and will not be able to cool the room. It also increases the energy consumption of AC.

3. Faulty Compressor

This may be another cause for inefficient cooling. A compressor is the heart of an air conditioning unit. It is responsible for cooling your room. The compressor might be defective and causes low cooling. The compressor is a motor which compresses the refrigerant or coolant and circulates the refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser coils. If you think this is the problem then you should call a technician for this problem.

4. Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat senses the room temperature and instructs the compressor to start or stop the cooling cycle. If the thermostat is defective, the air conditioner does not cool or may cool continuously. If it is the main cause then you have to change the thermostat by a technician.

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5. Position of The Indoor Unit

If the position of the indoor unit is not proper then this will not provide you with perfect cooling. If your room faces direct sunlight and your AC is installed on that wall then it will not give proper cooling.

6. Position of The Outdoor Unit

The position of the outdoor unit also causes improper cooling. If the outdoor unit gets direct sunlight, then it decreases cooling efficiency.

7. Faulty AC Remote

There can also be a situation when the remote fails to send temperature change signals to the AC unit. You need a simple replacement of the remote will do the trick. You can buy the same brand remote or a universal remote.

8. Undersized AC

If you buy an AC based on budget but you don’t think for the requirement of your home then it will be the main cause. A small AC in a huge room will always find it hard to cool the room in peak summers. The size of the AC should be according to the size of the room.

9. Insufficient Coolant

The coolant circulates through the evaporator coils and cools the air flowing over it and eventually sends cool air into the room. So, when the level of this coolant becomes insufficient, the AC fails to cool. This may cause any leakage. For solving this problem, you have to find out the linkage and refill the gas.

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10. Defective Parts

If any part of your AC is damaged then it may be a cause. For finding this problem you need an expert technician.

FAQs: Why AC Not Cooling Enough?

1. Is high environmental temperature may cause low cooling?

Yes, if the outdoor temperature is more then the cooling efficiency of AC will be decreased. It is not an actual problem with your AC, when the temperature will decrease a little then your AC will work properly.

2. Can I change the thermostat by myself?

No. you need the help of an experienced technician. If you try to change it itself and if you have less knowledge then it will cause more damage.


We have discussed all the causes which may cause a decreased efficiency of cooling. If your AC is not cooling perfectly then obviously it is a big problem. Find the problem and solve this problem. For AC-related problems, you need an expert technician for problem-solving. Hope this article about Why is AC Not Cooling Enough was helpful for you.

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