Voltas AC Error Codes and Solutions 2024

Whatever error code the company people write in the user guide, that error code is not understood by everyone. In this article, we are going to talk about Voltas AC Error Codes & Solutions.

In this article, I am going to tell you about all the Error codes that you get in Voltas Air Condition. Some air conditioners are such that only light blinking is there and in some air conditioners you get to see the error code directly in the display. Such error codes are E series error code, P series error and F series error code codes that come in your air conditioner. The air conditioner is an expensive product, seeing all the error codes, you will already know which part of yours is going to stand so that you can ask the technician to get that part repaired.

My name is Jitendro Dubey. We will talk about it in detail and tell the solution in this article. If you are a technician and a user, then after reading this article completely, you can understand your air conditioner, and what is the fault in it. Let us learn step by step which error code is about what.

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E0, 1-Time Blink

1. EEPROM Parameter Error

The EEPROM parameter means that indoor and outdoor PCB is not communicating with each other, the solution is to check whether the indoor PCB chipset has a problem or the outdoor PCB chipset has a problem.


Inspect the PCB for any signs of damage, such as burnt-out components or loose connections. If you find any issues, you may need to replace the PCB.

E1, 2-Time Blink

2. Indoor-to-Outdoor Communication Error

An E1 error on a Voltas AC usually indicates a communication error between the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner. This can be caused by a variety of factors such as a faulty sensor or a malfunctioning control board.


Check the wiring between the indoor and outdoor units. Make sure that all connections are secure and free from any damage.

E2, 3-Time Blink

3. Zero Crossing Single Error

The E2 error code on a Voltas AC indicates a zero crossing single error. This error occurs when there is a problem with the indoor unit’s communication with the outdoor unit. Specifically, it means that there is an issue with the synchronization of the AC’s power supply frequency.


You need to check the wiring and connections on both the indoor and outdoor units. Ensure that all wires are securely connected and there are no loose or damaged wires.

E3, 4-Time Blink

4. Indoor Blower Speed Out of Control Error

If the speed of your blower has increased too much or has decreased too much and you are not able to control it, then it shows an E3 error. If the blower speed of your Voltas AC is out of control, it could indicate a problem with the blower motor or the control board.


If the motor is damaged or faulty, it may cause the blower to run at high speed. Check the motor for any signs of damage or wear, such as frayed wires or burnt-out components. If you notice any issues, you may need to replace the motor. Also, check the air filter temperature sensor and control board thoroughly.

E4, 5-Time Blink

5. Indoor Coil Temperature Sensor Error

The E4 error on a Voltas inverter AC indicates a fault with the indoor coil temperature sensor. This could be due to a malfunction or a wiring issue with the sensor.


Check the wiring connections between the indoor coil temperature sensor and the control board. Also, check Check the indoor coil temperature sensor for any damage or signs of wear and tear. Clean the dirt obstructing the temperature sensor. This can help to improve the accuracy of the temperature readings.

E5, 6-Time Blink

6. Open or Short Circuit of Ambient Temperature Sensor Error

An E5 error on a Voltas inverter AC indicates an open or short circuit of the ambient temperature sensor. The ambient temperature sensor is a small device that measures the temperature of the air in the room and sends that information to the AC’s control board. When the control board detects an issue with the sensor, it will display an E5 error on the unit’s display.

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Check the sensor and wiring: Inspect the ambient temperature sensor and the wiring connecting it to the control board. Look for any signs of damage or wear, such as frayed wires or loose connections. If you find any issues, repair or replace the sensor or wiring as needed.

E6, 7-Time Blink

7. Open or Shot Circuit Room Coil Temperature Sensor Error

The E6 error on a Voltas inverter AC indicates an open or short circuit in the room coil temperature sensor. This sensor is responsible for measuring the temperature in the room and providing feedback to the AC unit to adjust its cooling or heating output accordingly.

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An open circuit means that there is a break in the electrical connection between the sensor and the AC unit, while a short circuit means that there is a direct electrical connection between the sensor’s wires.


Wiring connections between the sensor and the AC unit to ensure that they are secure and not damaged. If there are any issues with the wiring, you may need to repair or replace it.

EC,7-Time Blink

8. Refrigerant Leak Error

If your Voltas AC is experiencing a refrigerant leak, it can cause an EC error. This error message indicates that the AC’s refrigerant level is either too low or too high, and the unit cannot operate properly.


A refrigerant leak is a serious issue and should be addressed by a professional technician. They will be able to locate and repair the leak and recharge the refrigerant.

P0, 1 Times Blink

1. Inverter Module Protection Error

The P0 error code on a Voltas AC indicates an inverter module protection error. This error can occur due to various reasons, including an overloaded compressor, defective inverter module, faulty outdoor fan motor, or improper installation of the AC unit.


Inspect the inverter module and compressor for any damage. If you find any damage, then replace the faulty component.

P1, 2 Times Blink

2. Overvoltage or Low Voltage Protection Error

The P1 2 error code on a Voltas AC unit typically indicates that there is a problem with the voltage supply. It can either mean that the voltage is too high or too low for the AC.


You can use a voltmeter to measure the voltage at the AC’s power input terminals. If the voltage is outside the recommended range, use a stabilizer.

P2, 3-Time Blink

3. Temperature Protection of Compressor Error

The P2 error code on a Voltas AC indicates that the compressor’s temperature protection mechanism has been activated due to an abnormal increase in the compressor’s temperature. This could be caused by several factors such as low refrigerant levels, a dirty air filter, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a faulty compressor.


Check the air filter to see if it is dirty or clogged. If it is, clean or replaces it to improve airflow. Verify that the fan motor is functioning correctly, as a faulty fan motor can cause the compressor to overheat.

P3, 4-time blink

4. Outdoor Temperature to Low Protection Error

If the refrigerant gas is less in your compressor then it shows a P3 error.  The temperature becomes very low which does not heat the condenser.


You can check for leaks in the refrigerant pipes and recharge the system with the correct amount of refrigerant.

P4, 5-time blink

5. Inverter Compressor Drive Error

The P4 error code on a Voltas AC indicates an inverter compressor drive error. This means that there is a problem with the component that drives the compressor, which is responsible for cooling the air in the AC unit. The exact cause of the error can vary, but it may be due to a faulty inverter circuit, a damaged compressor motor, or a problem with the electrical connections between these components.


Check the wiring connections between the inverter board and compressor motor to ensure they are properly connected. Test the inverter board and compressor motor using a multimeter to identify any issues with the components.

F0, 1-time blink

1. Overload Current Protection error

The F0 error code on a Voltas AC typically indicates an overload current protection fault. This error code appears when the current drawn by the AC exceeds the rated value, and the overload protection circuitry is activated to prevent damage to the AC.


Avoid overloading the AC by using it beyond its cooling capacity or running multiple appliances simultaneously. This can cause the AC to draw more current than it should, leading to the error code.

F1, 2-time blink

2. Outdoor Temperature Sensor Fault Error

The F1 error code on a thermostat typically indicates an outdoor temperature sensor fault. This sensor is responsible for measuring the outdoor temperature and communicating that information to the thermostat. If the sensor is not functioning properly.


Inspect the wiring connections between the outdoor temperature sensor and the thermostat to make sure that they are properly connected and not loose or damaged.

F2, 3-time blink

3. Outdoor Condenser Sensor Fault Error

The F2 error code on an air conditioning unit typically indicates an outdoor condenser sensor fault error. This error code means that there is a problem with the sensor that detects the outdoor temperature, which is necessary for the proper operation of the air conditioning.


Inspect the wiring between the outdoor sensor and the air conditioning unit for any damage or loose connections. Tighten any loose connections or replace any damaged wiring and sensor.

F3, 4-time blink

4. Discharge Pipe Sensor Fault Error

The F3 error code on a device typically indicates a Discharge Pipe Sensor Fault Error. This error code indicates that there is an issue with the discharge pipe sensor, which is responsible for detecting the temperature of the water as it leaves the device.


To resolve this issue, you should check the wiring connections between the sensor and the control board for any loose or damaged wires. If everything is connected properly and the problem persists, you may need to replace the sensor.

F4, 5-time blink

5. Outdoor EEPROM Parameter Fault Error

The F4 error code on an air conditioner indicates an issue with the outdoor EEPROM parameter. This could be caused by a faulty outdoor control board or a communication error between the indoor and outdoor units.


It may be necessary to call a professional technician to replace the faulty EEPROM.

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FAQs: Voltas AC Error Codes and Solutions

1. What is an AC error code?

An AC error code is a code displayed on the air conditioning unit’s control panel that indicates a specific problem or malfunction.

2. Why do ACs display error codes?

ACs display error codes to alert users to a problem or malfunction with the unit, which helps to troubleshoot and repair the issue.

3. How can I troubleshoot an AC error code?

The best way to troubleshoot an AC error code is to consult the unit’s manual or contact the manufacturer’s customer support. They can guide you through the steps to diagnose and repair the problem.

4. What should I do if my AC displays an error code?

If your AC displays an error code, turn off the unit and refer to the manual or contact customer support. Continuing to use the AC with an error code can cause further damage and lead to more costly repairs.

5. Can I fix an AC error code myself?

In some cases, simple problems like clogged filters or low refrigerant levels can be fixed by the user. However, for more complicated issues, it’s best to contact a professional HVAC technician.

6. How can I prevent AC error codes from occurring?

Regular maintenance, including cleaning or replacing air filters and scheduling annual tune-ups, can help prevent AC error codes from occurring. Additionally, avoiding overuse or misuse of the unit can also help keep it running smoothly.

Final Thoughts on Voltas Error Codes

Air Conditioner error codes can indicate a variety of issues with your AC system. Without knowing the specific error code you can not resolve issues. Voltas AC error codes can be a useful tool in diagnosing and resolving issues with your air conditioning unit. I have told you about all the errors in the voltage AC. By seeing all the codes, you can fix your Voltas Air Conditioner very easily. If you still have any questions or confusion regarding Voltas AC Error Codes and Solutions, then you can ask me in the comment section, and I will answer your question.

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