10 Different Types of Mixer Grinder Blades And Their Uses

In case you are looking for a mixer grinder, you might find this post helpful where er have discussed 10 Different Types of Mixer Grinder Blades and Their Uses.

The use of technology in our lives is increasing rapidly. In our modern life, technology has invented many gadgets like mobiles, laptops, network systems, and even the kitchen. One such invention is the mixer grinder which comes with a variety of mixer grinder blades that have made kitchen tasks easier. The mixer grinder is driven by a very powerful electric motor.

The motor shaft is connected vertically with a steel holder. A sharp steel blade is attached to the steel container. Blade design plays a key role in grinding efficiency and is therefore an important aspect when buying a mixer grinder. In this article, we have looked at the important and different types of mixer grinder blades that come with mixer grinders and their uses.

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Types of Mixer Grinder Blades and Their Uses

Mixer Grinder BladesUses
1. Wet Grinder BladesIt’s used for making pastes from lentils and grains.
2. Dry Grinder BladeThis type of blade is used to grind various spices into a powder form.
3. Chutney Grinder BladeThese types of blades are used for making chutney.
4. Pounding BladesThese are mainly used for grinding garam masala, chaat masala and other spices.
5. Mincer BladesThis helps in effortlessly mincing meat, fruits or vegetables.
6. Chopping BladeIt is used for chopping vegetables.
7. The Whisking BladeIt is great for making pancake mix, egg batter, salad dressing, mayonnaise, mashed potatoes, cocktails and shakes
8. Blending BladeThese types of blades are used for making milkshakes.
9. Extraction Bladeextraction blades are mainly found in juicer mixer blades.
10. Kneading The BladeThese are widely used in cake and bread factories

1. Wet Grinder Blades

Wet grinding blades are a mixing grinder with the largest wet grinding jar. This plays a huge role in creating a strong circulation that draws all the material to the blades. They basically have a wave or a W shape. This blade is very useful when making pastes from lentils and grains, such as those used in cooking curries which are some of the famous delicacies of Indian cuisine.

Wet Grinder Blade

2. Dry Grinder Blade

It is mainly used to grind various spices into a powder form like black pepper, coriander, chilli, etc., which are the main raw spices in almost every Indian cuisine. It saves you a lot of money. This makes the spices more reliable as there is no compromise on the price of the spices.

Dry Grinder Blade

Furthermore, you can use it to grind regular sugar into powdered sugar, to use in mouth-watering deserts. When we look at the shape, dry grinding blades are similar to wet grinding blades – almost like a wave or a W shape. In fact, most dry grinding jars are multi-purpose jars, in that they are capable of grinding both dry and wet ingredients and are therefore similar in shape.

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3. Chutney Grinder Blade

Chutneys are eaten with every kind of food as they add charming flavour to your taste buds. With the help of a mixer grinder, you can make a delightful chutney with the perfect texture and consistency be it mint chutney or chilli chutney.

Chutney Grinder Blade

As the name suggests, blades are mostly used to make chutney. Most mixer grinders available in the market, have two blades that span the jar from end to end. They have a flat sharp shape and should ideally be close to the bottom surface of the jar for efficient grinding. Chutney blades are not only helpful for grinding chutney but also for grinding small amounts of spices.

4. Pounding Blades

The pounding blades we have seen originally come from Bosch, they are blunt and have four pointed edges. They are mainly used for grinding garam masala, chaat masala and other spices. Bosch claims it retains the flavour of the spice much better than regular blades.

Its blade is made of stainless steel which is a very strong material. Can also be used to grind sugar to make powdered sugar. Basically, it is used to grind small solid crystals. This is because the sharpness of the blade wears off very quickly when it is used to grind hard spices.

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5. Mincer Blades

It is made with premium ingredients to effortlessly mince meat, fruits or vegetables very easily. The mincer blade is used to grind the meat into small pieces that can be used to make sausages. It is also used to make the famous Indian dish ‘keema’.

Mincer Grinder Blade

Additionally, you can use it to crush vegetables, nuts, ice, etc. However, you should consider your requirements while buying one of them as there are different types of mixer grinder blades available in the market with many features.

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6. Chopping Blade

With the name, we can easily understand the use of the blade. The chopping blade can be attached to a wet grinding jar or a multipurpose jar depending on which one has the removable blade. These blades can be used to mince meat and chop vegetables like onions, carrots, cucumbers, etc. in bulk. But first cut them into small pieces of 2-3 inch size. Use this blade very carefully because of its sharp edges.

Chopping Blade

7. The whisking blade

It is the ideal tool for pancake mix, egg batter, salad dressing, mayonnaise, mashed potatoes, cocktails and shakes. A replacement original whisk blade included with every hand blender is the perfect tool for everyday kitchen tasks: it can make a perfect mayonnaise in seconds. It can blend eggs lightly to a fluffy for an omelette which is not easy for an ordinary grinder blade.

This blade is compatible with all models, no matter how old hand blenders are made. Not every brand offers whisking blades with mixer grinders. It is often seen as an attachment to the food processor. But note that the blade is slightly off the bottom. So, you need to pour at least 2-3 egg whites so that the blade touches.

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8. Blending blade

Blender blades have a wide range of uses but are mostly used for making soups and drinks. It is integrated into certain appliances: smoothie maker, cocktail blender, and milk-shake blender. Blending blades are mainly found in mixer grinders juicer jars or personal blenders. They have 4 or 6 prong ends that enable them to blend fruit pieces and other ingredients into a smooth consistency. The same blade is used for juicing in many mixer grinders.

9. Extraction blades

Extraction blades are mainly found in juicer mixer blades attached to mesh filters. Its main advantage is its ability to grind fruits and vegetables to a super smooth consistency to extract the juice from it. This juice is then passed through a cylindrical sieve that surrounds the blade—separating the juice from the pulp.


10. Kneading the blade

The kneading blade is part of the food processing unit in many mixer grinders. They are made of plastic and designed for kneading dough. The design is almost identical in all food processing units. Unfortunately, since they are made of plastic, many users complain about their durability. They are widely used in cake and bread factories.

Kneading The Blade

FAQs: 10 Different Types of Mixer Grinder Blade

1. What are the types of blades in grinders?

In the above article, we have classified grinder blades into 10 different categories based on usage. Grinder blades can be classified based on blade material, blade shape, number of blades, etc.

2.  Does it matter in any way a winder blade?

 Yes, it is important.

3. What precautions should you take while working with the grinder machine?

Safety glasses or goggles, or a face shield (including safety glasses or goggles) protect against flying particles. Gloves, aprons, metatarsal safety boots, hearing protection and respiratory protection may be required depending on the job. Ensure that the floor around the work area is clean.

4. What are 3 things you should do to use a grinder safely?

1. Use two hands to operate the grinder. …
2. Allow the grinder to ‘run’ up to operating speed before use.
3. Hold the grinder against the workpiece with minimal pressure, so that the disc does not ‘seize’ and cause it to kick back.

5. How thick is the grinder blade?

For everyday work on stainless or mild steel, choose 1mm or 1.6mm disc thickness.


In the end, we can only say that the mixer grinder makes our kitchen duties so much easier than last year and makes them a thing of the past. Now we can make yummy food in less time because of this mixer grinder.

I hope you have read these different types of mixer grinder blades and found this helpful. If you have any other questions then please comment below. We will try to solve your queries as quickly as possible. Please come again to read more articles on this website.

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