LG vs Voltas AC Differences in India 2024

Hello friend, today we will do a comparison of two very popular brands of Air Conditioners in India. In this article, you are going to read LG vs Voltas AC differences in India. On one side we have India’s brand Voltas and on the other side, we have the South Korean brand Samsung. Voltas has been in India for a long time, Voltas was established in 1954 after the independence of India. On the other hand, LG is also a very old brand in India. It is a South Korean brand but LG AC is in great demand in India.

So in today’s article, we will do a side-by-side competition of both the Air Conditioner brands. In today’s article, we will compare LG vs Voltas AC the two brands, let’s see which brand takes the lead And which brand is left behind. You will have a lot of knowledge reading this article and you should read the article completely without skipping so that you will know which of these brands is the best.

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LG vs Voltas AC

1. Compressor

The most important part of an air conditioner is its compressor. So when it comes to compressors, you get twin rotary compressors in both of these. But you get very good technology here in LG where you get a dual inverter compressor option of 6 in 1 convertible mode in LG and AI technology.LG’s AC can operate on six different capacity modes.

LG’s AC uses AI technology, which automatically adjusts its compressor according to the temperature in your room for this reason its speed change is also smooth. You do not get AI technology in Voltas AC but its compressor is very good. You also get the option of 4 in 1 mode in Voltas AC. For that reason, it can run you in 4 different capacities.

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2. Condenser Pipe

Condenser pipe plays a very important role in the air conditioner. In both, you get to see a hundred per cent copper condenser pipes.No one knows which is given in the condenser pipe of Voltas, whether the coating has been given in it or not But condenser fins give you a blue coating.

Talking about LG, in this you get Proper Ocean Black coating, and you also get the coating on the condenser coil and condenser fins. Due to copper coating, the durability of LG ac increases more.  If you live in a coastal area, or if you live in an industrial area, or there is a drain passing near your house, then you will get a lot of benefits from this coating.

3. Air Filtration Technology

Here let’s talk about the air filtration technology of both brands, you get a PM 2.5 filter in both and you get a plasma filter in both. You get a special type of technology in LG, high-speed electrons come out of LG’s AC and the bacteria and viruses in your room become neutral. On the other hand, in Voltas AC, you get 3-stage filtration technology, which blocks your virus and bacteria in three stages. Gives you a feeling of very clean air in both ac.

4. Smart Features

Along with the support of Google, Alexa control and WiFi is available in both your ACs.You can also control LG’s AC through an app and you can also control Voltas’ AC through an app. You can control your AC even from a remote area. All these features are available in both ACs.You get the feature of instant cool in both ACs.  Voltas names it turbo cool technology and LG calls it Himalayan cool technology.

5. Warranty

The most important thing after buying it is its warranty. So here also LG leaves Voltas behind. Because in LG’s AC, you get 10 years compressor warranty, 5 years PCB warranty and a 1-year product warranty. On the other hand, in Voltas, you get only a 5-year compressor warranty and a 1-year product warranty. So here voltas need to improve a lot because at present time all ac brand gives 10 years compressor warranty and in voltas, you don’t get any warranty on PCB.

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6. Energy Consumption

Before taking how the first thing that comes to the mind of people is how much electricity the AC will consume. ISEER rating is the Energy consumption rating, the higher ISEER it means, the less electricity it consumes your AC. In LG’s air conditioner, you get 5 and more than 5 ISEER rating ACs.But on the other side of the border, you get only 4.5 ISEER rating air conditioners.

7. After-Sales Services

Voltas goes far ahead in just one thing, being far ahead in India and being an Indian brand, the after-sales service of Voltas is very good in tier 2 to tier 3 cities and villages area. But this LG AC service is very good where they have after-sales service support.

8. Components

Talking about the compressor and components, LG is the OEM of the components and compressor. LG is the original equipment manufacturer, being an OEM company, LG manufactures the compressor itself. On the other hand, Voltas imports its compressor and components from another company.

9. Build Quality

The design of the indoor unit of the air conditioner plays a huge role in the interior of your home.LG’s AC design is very good and the plastic used in it looks very premium and looks stylish. On the other hand, plastic build quality is also seen in Voltas, but plastic does not give that premium look like LG. But the plastic build quality of Voltas is very good.

10. Remote Control

LG’s AC remote is very good to see. In LG’s AC remote, you get to see the button of many features. On the other hand, Voltas’ remote is of very old design and big size and looks weird. You get very few feature buttons in Volta’s remote compared to LG remote.

11. Stabilizar Free Operation

In both brands, you get advanced technology like stabilizer-free operation. If there is a lot of problem with high voltage and low voltage in your area, then you do not need to install any stabilizer. because the wide range of voltage support is available in these ACs.Both ac tolerate voltage fluctuations very well with the help of PCB.

12. Installation Charges

After buying as you have to pay an installation charge which has to be paid for all brand ac.Rs 1415 will have to be paid for the installation of LG AC. On the other hand, for the installation of Voltas AC, you will have to pay Rs 1770. The installation of Voltas ACs is slightly costlier as compared to LG ACs. For extra copper wire or stand for the outdoor unit you have to pay extra money which is the same in both brands.

13. Noise Level

Talking about the noise of the compressor of both ACs, LG’s AC compressor works very silently and the sound is very low. But talking about Voltas, the Voltas AC compressor is a bit louder. Because the compressor stays in the outdoor unit, you will not feel much difference.

14. Cooling Capacity

You get the feature of instant cool in both ACs.  Voltas names it turbo cool technology and LG calls it Himalayan cool technology. After doing a lot of research and seeing a lot of reviews I came to know that the cooling capacity of Voltas ACs is more than the cooling capacity of LG. The cooling of LG’s AC is very good, but if we check by setting a timer, then Voltas AC goes ahead of LG in terms of cooling. The air throw of Voltas AC is very high on the other hand in LG AC you get a smooth air throw.

15. Refrigerant

The gas that comes out of the AC destroys the environment a lot. Whether it is LG or Voltas, both use R32 gas as a refrigerant.R32 gas does not cause any harm to the ozone layer and green label certification is also given to it and it is called. So this gas is a very good gas for air conditioners and it is also a very good gas for our environment. green gas.

16. Pricing

All comparison is done, but along with this a question arises in your mind brother, how much is the pricing the price of LG ac is a bit high compared to voltas ac. The difference in price is not much, there is only a difference of two or three thousand.

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FAQs: LG vs Voltas AC

1. How good is a Voltas AC?

The air condition of the Voltas needs a lot of improvement like a warranty. In voltas ac only get 5 years the compressor warranty is available. It is also a bit old-fashioned in terms of design. But its cooling capacity and after-sales service is very good.

2. Why is Voltas the number one choice of Indians in AC?

Voltas air conditioner is India’s number one choice because this air conditioner is a Made in India product and Voltas company comes under The Tata Group. Tata company is an emotion for Indians. The cooling of Voltas air conditioner is very good. Being an Indian company, Voltas knows the Indian market very well and their sales and service are very good in tier 2 and tier 3 Cities.

3. Which is the best LG dual inverter or voltas inverter AC?

LG’s air conditioner was the first to bring Inverter AC in India.AC with dual and triple inverter technology is available in LG’s air conditioner. Twin rotary compressors are available in both, which are very energy efficient and silent.

4. Which brand is more cooling efficient, Voltas or LG?

Voltas air conditioners go far beyond LG in terms of cooling efficiency. The cooling of Volta’s air conditioners is very fast and their air throw is very good. On the other hand, the cooling of the LG air conditioner is a bit slow compared to Voltas AC.

5. Which brand is more power efficient, Voltas or LG?

Due to the high ISEER value of LG, the power efficiency is also good because the power consumption is less when the ISSER value is high. If you want to reduce your electricity bill, then you can buy an LG AC.

6. How would you rate Voltas AC compared to LG  for a city like Bangalore?

The weather in Bangalore City is very good, any AC works well in it. Both brands will be good for Bengaluru.  If you want to go with advanced technology and good looks then you can go with LG.  On the other hand, the cooling capacity should be good and looks do not matter much for you and if you support Make in India products then you should take a Voltas.

7. Can you compare LG and Voltas for a project?

In big projects, I have seen that Voltas ACs are mostly used because they have an AMC company of Voltas that provides after-sales service. You will be surprised to know that even in the tallest building Burj Khalifa, most of the Voltas ACs are installed.

8. How To Unlock Voltas AC remote?

If the lock symbol is showing on the display of someone’s remote, then your remote is locked. You have to unlock the remote to press and hold the temp+ and temp– buttons simultaneously for 3 to 5 seconds. After this, you will see that the lock symbol has been removed from the remote display of your air condition

Final Thoughts

Talking about the main difference, these points are the main differences between these two air conditioners. In terms of technology and features, LG’s ACs go far ahead of Voltas. Due to all these reasons, LG has made a very good place in the Indian market, although it has come quite late in comparison to Voltas.

Inverter technology was first introduced in India by LG. You will be surprised to know most of the air conditioners are installed in the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, which is our Indian brand voltas.LG goes a little further in technology than Voltas but Tata’s trust is in Voltas which can make a home in people’s hearts very quickly. Therefore, Voltas also has a very good scope for improvement.

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