LG vs Panasonic AC Differences in India 2024

The summer season is coming, and it is very hot in India. To avoid it, you want to get a good-brand air conditioner for yourself, but you are confused between the top two reliable AC brands in India. Today we will compare LG AC with Panasonic AC in this article. We will know in which condition and which brand of AC will be better for you.

My name is Jitendro Dubey. LG AC is a South Korean brand and Panasonic is a Japanese brand. If you check the brand value of both brands then there is no need for any introduction, both AC brands have been working in India for a long time. Talking about market share, LG has almost 38% share in the Indian ac market and Panasonic has almost 6% market share. Panasonic Company was established in India in 1972.  The same LG AC came in 1997.

No Doubt both AC brands are very good performers in India this article we will discuss the features of LG vs Panasonic AC as well as some important points. Which will be very important for you to know. In this comparison, you will get to know which AC takes the lead in which condition and in which condition it lags.

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LG vs Panasonic AC Differences

Build Quality and Design

Now let’s talk about the look of these two. It is not that important but looks matter for some people. Panasonic AC looks more attractive than LG AC. You get the same type of design in LG AC no matter how expensive it is. Panasonic’s indoor unit is slightly longer than LG’s. Due to being slightly longer than LG, the size of your blade is also slightly larger in it, which affects your cooling. The plastic build quality of both these is very good. In terms of design, the Panasonic AC turns out to be slightly better than the LG AC.


Talking about the main and most important part of an Air Conditioner is the compressor. Inside LG you get to see a dual inverter compressor, inside Panasonic you see a twin rotary compressor. Both Air Conditioner brands assure you that they can provide very good cooling even at 52-degree gree-temperatures.LG’s compressor can run in 6 different modes according to your room temperature. On the other hand, talking about Panasonic, you get to see 7 in 1 technology in it, which means your compressor will run in 7 different modes. If seen, both the brands are the same in terms of the compressor.


If we go to the condenser department, you get ocean black coating technology with 100% pure copper pipe in LG. If you talk about Panasonic AC, then you get only anti-corrosion blue fins with 100% copper pipe. If you look at LG AC, you get Ocean Black coating on both its pipes and fins.

But in Panasonic AC you get blue coating in the fins, but in the pipe, you get only epoxy coating. Here I will prefer the LG air conditioner more because in this you get a better coating so that the chances of your rust getting damaged are very less.


Talking about filters, Panasonic uses a PM 2.5 filter, and LG uses a PM 1 filter. A PM filter blocks the dust particles and dust particles present in the air in the filter. In LG’s AC, you get to see many other types of filters like antibacterial filters HD filters and dehumidifiers. The ez filter blocks particles that are likely to cause allergies. Antibacterial Filter Destroys Anti Bacteria And dehumidifier maintains Room humidity.


In the case of cooling, both work very well, but in LG you get Himalayan cooling Technology, which will provide fast cooling to your home in 20 minutes and after that it will automatically run normally. In LG AC you get powerful cooling compared to Panasonic AC it does not mean you do not get good cooling in Panasonic AC both perform well in terms of such cooling.

LG 4-star AI dual Inverter Split AC

You get a four-way air swing in both LG and Panasonic With the help 4 way cooling cool air reaches every corner of the room. In LG’s AC, you get 6 in 1 convertible mode and Panasogets gets 7 in 1 convertible cooling mode so that you can increase or decrease the capacity on the ac to AI mode,40%,60%, 80%,100% and 110%. AC can adjust its capacity according to outdoor and indoor temperatures. Both give a neck-to-neck competition in terms of cooling.

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Noise Level

Due to LG’s Air Conditioner dual inverter technology, it produces very less noise. On the other hand, due to the twin cool inverter technology in Panasonic, there is little noise. Talking about the noise level, LG says 31dB is their level and Panasonic say 42 dB noise level. But if seen in the real world, the nice level of both of you can be seen to be the same.

Inbuilt Stabilizer

Both Panasonic and LG Air Conditioners run on Inverter technology. For this reason, you get a wide range of voltage in both air conditioners. The air conditioner automatically detects any voltage changes in the power supply and adjusts accordingly to the voltage level stable. You get to see the inbuilt stabilizer features in both Air Conditioner brands.

Panasonic 2.2 Ton 4 Star Split Inverter AC

The inbuilt stabilizer is a useful feature to have in any electrical appliance as it can protect the appliance from damage and ensure its longevity.

Smart Features

In both, you get the features of the app, you can control the air conditioner features through your mobile app. Here I want to give a little more point to Panasonic as you get a lot of features in Panasonic mobile app like air quality index sleep profile and its app interface is very good. Apart from this, in both cases, you get support for WiFi Alexa and Google Home.

Air Throw Range

Talking about both the Air Conditioners, you get more air throw range in LG air conditioners. In the LG air conditioner, you get a 15-meter air throw range while on the other hand, you get a 13.7-meter air throw range in Panasonic. There is not much difference between the ACs but one and a half meters more air throw range is available in LG AC.

Outdoor Unit Coating

Compared to the Panasonic AC, the outdoor unit of the LG AC is slightly smaller. In the outdoor unit of Panasonic AC, you only get to see the eco-tough coating. Panasonic is giving you a 5 years warranty on the coating. Panasonic’s outdoor unit lasts a long time in tough situations. On the other hand, you do not get to see all these options in LG.

Remote Control

The LG and Panasonic remotes have different designs, with each Air Conditioner brand focusing on user-friendliness and convenience. Both remotes come with basic functions such as temperature control, fan speed control, and mode selection. However, depending on the model, some remotes may have additional features such as a sleep mode, timer, and energy-saving mode.

Refrigerant Gas

Both Air Conditioner brands offer high-quality products with different types of refrigerants R-32 and R-410A gas.

When it comes to AC gas, both LG and Panasonic offer models that use R-32, which is more environmentally friendly and more energy-efficient, which can result in lower energy bills and reduced carbon emissions.


Talking about warranty, in both the products you get a 1-year product warranty and 5 years PCB warranty. In LG Air Conditioner 10 years compressor warranty with gas charging. On the other hand, with Panasonic, you get a warranty of 5 years on the outdoor unit along with a 10-year compressor warranty. So in terms of warranty Panasonic goes ahead of LG.

After-Sales Service

LG and Panasonic are two well-known brands in the air conditioning industry, and both companies offer after-sales services for their products. Both LG and Panasonic offer after-sales services including warranties, customer support, and maintenance services for their air conditioning products. Customers can contact their respective customer support teams for assistance with technical issues, troubleshooting, and other inquiries related to their Air Conditioners.

Value for Money

LG and Panasonic offer similar features in their air conditioning units, such as energy efficiency, smart capabilities, and customizable settings. However, the price may vary depending on the specific model and its features. In some cases, Panasonic Air Conditioners may be priced slightly higher than LG models due to the brand’s reputation for durability, energy efficiency, and advanced technology. However, LG also offers a range of premium air conditioning models that can be priced similarly or higher than Panasonic’s offerings.

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FAQs: LG vs Panasonic AC

1. Which brand, LG or Panasonic, is better for an Air Conditioning unit?

Both LG and Panasonic are reputable brands for air conditioning units, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, the best brand for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about LG and Panasonic air conditioning units to help you make an informed decision.

2. What is the difference between LG and Panasonic Air Conditioning units?

Both LG and Panasonic offer a range of air conditioning units with different features, capacities, and energy ratings. However, some differences between the two brands include:

LG air conditioning units tend to have more advanced features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, voice control, and air purifying filters.

Panasonic air conditioning units are often praised for their energy efficiency and quiet operation.

3. Which brand has better energy efficiency ratings?

Both LG and Panasonic offer air conditioning units with excellent energy efficiency ratings, but Panasonic is often considered a leader in this area. Many of their models have earned high energy star ratings, indicating that they meet strict energy efficiency guidelines.

4. Are LG or Panasonic Air Conditioning units more expensive?

The cost of an air conditioning unit depends on factors such as the type, capacity, and features. Generally speaking, LG air conditioning units tend to be more expensive than Panasonic units, especially for models with advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and air purifying filters. However, both brands offer a range of affordable options for different budgets.

5. How do I choose between LG and Panasonic Air Conditioning units?

When choosing between LG and Panasonic air conditioning units, consider factors such as your budget, energy efficiency needs, desired features, and the size and layout of the room or space you want to cool. Look for models that meet your specific requirements and read reviews from other customers to get an idea of their performance and reliability. Additionally, consult with a licensed HVAC professional for advice and installation assistance.

6. Can I control my Panasonic Air Conditioner with my Smartphone?

Yes, many Panasonic air conditioners come with smart features that allow you to control them through a mobile app. You can adjust the temperature, set schedules, and monitor energy consumption from your smartphone or tablet.

7. What is the average lifespan of a Panasonic Air Conditioner?

The lifespan of a Panasonic air conditioner can vary depending on usage, maintenance, and other factors. However, with proper maintenance, most Panasonic air conditioners can last up to 15 years or more

Final Thoughts: LG vs Panasonic AC

Now we will talk about which condition you should take both these Air Conditioners. If you want to get smart budget-friendly and cover more room areas such as Air Conditioners then you can take a Panasonic AC. If you are living in a coastal area, or industrial area and there is a drain passing near your house, then you want to get an LG AC, because LG AC has ocean black coating. In LG AC, along with the condenser pipe, the coating is also found in the fin. In such a scenario, you should take only LG AC.

The after-sales service of LG AC is also good. If we talk about the features, then you get power chill features in both cases, you get to see the stabilizer-free operation, in both, you get to see filters, and most of the features are the same in both. I have told you the main features of technology which are different.

Before buying any Air Conditioner, you have to check which brand service centre is available in your area. Because no Air Conditioner brand can be perfect, the main and most important part is its after-sales service. If you have any confusion in your mind regarding LG vs Panasonic AC Differences then you can tell me in the comment section. I will try to give you a definite reply.

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