How To Use Ezee Detergent For Hand And Machine Wash in 2023

Everything has its own way to use. If you use things properly then it will give you the best result. The use of powder detergent becomes outdated for its side effects. Ezee is one of the most popular liquid detergent bands in India. I am sure that you have seen that advertisement by Ezee for washing woollen clothes. If you never use any liquid detergent before it or if you never use Ezee liquid for cleaning then this article will help you a lot. There are some important points to which you have to pay attention and some points which are actually meth. I will arrange a spotlight for every relatable point. Let’s read the article for detailed information.

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What is Ezee Liquid Detergent?

It is not a question for asking. If you don’t know then I am always here for helping you. As its name pronounce it is a liquid detergent which is easy to use. It has no soda formula with an added micro conditioner that makes your delicate woollens soft and fluffy. It has neutral pH that retains fabric strength and natural colour. you can use this Ezee liquid detergent for both machine and hand washing. It also has a multi-fragrance which gives extra fragrance after every wash.

Can We Use Ezee Detergent in a Washing Machine?

I have already mentioned that Ezee liquid can be used for both hand and machine washing. There are some points that you have to keep in mind when you are using Ezee in the washing machine. As Ezee is used for washing woollen and soft clothing so, you have to make sure that the temperature of the water should cold and the mode of washing should be gentle. In gentle and cold wash Ezee give the best cleaning.

Use of Ezee Detergent for Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

If you are a user of a semi-automatic washing machine then you have to follow some different instructions for using Ezee liquid. For a semi-automatic washing machine, you have to pore the Ezee detergent directly into the wash tub. You have to make an idea for the quantity of liquid for proper cleaning. There are general measurements like 1 cap Ezee liquid for 6-8 winter clothes. it is the same as hand wash measurement. If I discuss it step by step then it will be like that.

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  • Fill the washing tub with water according to your need.
  • Pore Ezee liquid detergent.
  • Turn on the washing machine and run it for a few-cycle, which will mix the liquid properly.
  • Pore the clothes in the untangled situation.
  • Turn it on and leave it for 30 min.
  • After 30 min switch off the machine and drain dirty water.
  • Now rinse and spin the clothes.
  • Now put all the clothes outside for sun dry or air dry.

Use of Ezee Detergent for Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Use of Ezee in the fully automatic washing machine is easier than in a semi-automatic washing machine. You only need to put the Ezee detergent in the detergent tray of your washing machine. It can also be told in step by step procedure.

  • Load clothes in the washer drum.
  • Add liquid detergent to the detergent tub.
  • Set the wash cycle it may be pre-set or manually set. For manual setting select the timer according to the degree of dirt.
  • After completing the cycle clothes will come out clean and dry.
  • You can once sun dry the clothes for freshness.

Can We Use Ezee Detergent in a Hand Wash?

Yes, it is similar to a semi-automatic washing machine, but you have to wash all the clothes by your hand. It needs 100% manual work. For manual work, you have to mix the liquid evenly with the water and always take cold water or normal water. Never use hot water.

Which Type of Clothes we Should Wash With Ezee?

In the advertisement for Ezee liquid, you have seen that woollen clothes are to be washed. Yes, mainly it is used for woollen cloths, but it is not a hard and first rule. You can wash any cloth of your choice. Ezee wash gives the best treatment to clothes. It cost a little more than a normal detergent wash. So, you can wash all your soft and delicate fabric like silk, muslin, malmal, and Catton cloths with Ezee liquid. It will make your clothes softer and brighter.

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Can I Wash Normal Cloths With Ezee?

Yes, it will increase the life and condition of your clothes. It can remove all the oily dirt and strain from your clothes. For its neutral pH Ezee detergent never breaks down proteins. It helps to preserve of natural colour of clothes.

How to Use Ezee Detergent for Hand Wash?

There are some steps.

  1. Take a bucket and fill it with water according to your clothes.
  2. Put Ezee liquid detergent according to the number of clothes. You can put 1 cap liquid for 6-8 woollen cloths.
  3. Mix it properly.
  4. Submerge clothes and keep them for 30 min.
  5. After 30 min rub all the clothes with your hand. Then keep it for the next 10 min.
  6. Now remove all the dirty water and wash all the clothes with clean water.
  7. Now dry clothes in sunlight or well ventilated shade.

Ezee Vs Comfort

Ezee is a liquid detergent with no soda formula. It also have a micro conditioner function. on the other hand comfort is a conditioner for clothes. you have to use Comfort wash after detergent wash. For cleaning with Ezee you never have to use any conditioner additionally.

Pros of Ezee Liquid Use

  • Best of woollen clothes.
  • Protect natural colour.
  • Mild with clothes.
  • Best in all available liquid detergent.

Cons of Ezee Liquid Wash

  • Costly than other liquid detergent.


After the long discussion of Ezee wash I thank you will never have any confusion about washing cloths with Ezee. I have discussed all the procedure step by step. Also discussed about its good and bad side. Read the article carefully and make all your drought clear.

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