How To Clean Filter in Split AC?

Are you noticing less cooling from your AC, then this article is for you. In this article, we gonna look into How To Clean Filter in Split AC in the easiest way possible.

You should take care of the filter of your split AC. Your AC sucks air from your room and sprays cold air into the room. In this procedure, air should pass through the filter. For that reason, this filter becomes dirty frequently. So, this air filter needs regular cleaning.

A dirty filter doesn’t do as good of a job keeping dust, dirt, and debris out of the air you’re breathing. Cleaning the air filter is not tough work. You do not need to call any professional for this work. Check out the steps below to learn how to clean the filter, how often you should clean it, and how to determine if your AC filter even needs to be cleaned in the first place.

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How To Clean Filter in Split AC?

Check the air filter type

Before starting any step first determine that is the filter of your AC is cleanable or not. Some air conditioners have filters that can be cleaned. But some have a disposable air filter. For confirmation, you have to go through the instruction manual of your AC. If your AC has a cleanable air filter then further steps for you. If your AC has a replaceable air filter then replace it at least every 3 months.

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Remove the air filter

For removing the filter first, you have to switch off the unit. Then you have to pop the front face of the air conditioner. When you locate the air filter gently pull it. If it is not coming out then press it a little and pull it.

Getting it clean

After removing the air filter you have to clean all the dust from it. For cleaning it you can use a different method. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. Using a vacuum cleaner, you will not get a 100% clean filter. For complete cleaning, you need to clean it with water. If you have a water jet spray then it will give you the best cleaning. If it is not available then you can use a cleaning brush and soap water. You can use water and vinegar solution also. You could also soak the filter for about 15 minutes. At least wash it with clean water

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Air dry properly

After the final wash with clean water, you have to air dry the filter properly. Place it again in the reverse procedure as you open it.

Points you should keep in mind at the time of cleaning

There are some important points that you should keep in mind at the time of filter cleaning.

  1. Never run your AC when the filter is removed, otherwise, it will cause a rush of unfiltered air into your residence and cause your air conditioner’s evaporator coils and other internal parts to collect dirt and particulate matter.
  2. Remove the filter gently. At the time of cleaning, you should take care of the filter. Do not give it a rough treatment.
  3. At the time of resetting the filter check a second time for the proper attachment.

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FAQ: How To Clean Filter in Split AC?

1. When I should clean my AC filter?

Cleaning AC air filters can improve your air conditioner’s efficiency by 5% to 15% and also reduce the chance of various problems. You should clean the filter once in two weeks.

2. Should I need a technician for filter cleaning?

No, you can do it yourself. There will be no doubt in your mind about the cleaning procedure after reading this whole article.

3. Can I replace my AC air filter if it is old enough?

You can do this. At the time of purchase, you should check the brand and model for the perfect set.


If you use AC in your home then you have to be used to this work. Don’t think of it as a burden. Fix a day and do it. it is much easier work than utensil cleaning. It also has many positive impacts on AC. We hope this article on How To Clean Filter in Split AC, was helpful to you.

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