Best Gaming Chairs Under 20000 in India 2023

If you are a professional gamer then your gaming setup is incomplete without the best gaming chair. Today we are going to discuss the top 10 best gaming chairs under 20000 price in India in 2022. We hope you will like these Gaming Chairs below Rs 20000 price.

In the last two and half years, the online gaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds in India, with now it being considered a serious profession. For becoming a pro gamer you have to spend too much time in front of your gaming pc. Sitting in the same place for hours and hours is not so easy. You have to think about your health.

With other health-related issues, neck and back pain are often complained about by eSport athletes. The best gaming chair can give you release from these two main problems. You have your own choice and own individuality for your gaming setup.

Your setup should replicate your passion for gaming. So the best gaming chair is not only good for your health but also enhances the beauty of your setup. now you should choose the best gaming chair for you according to your taste.

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Gaming Chair Buying Guide

When you are looking for the best gaming chair for you, you have to keep some key points in your mind. Read these key points before buying a gaming chair for your home.

1. Ergonomic and Adjustability

When it comes to choosing the best gaming chair, comfort is King. You never want your back and neck cramping up in the middle of your gaming session. You have to change your posture according to your situation. An ergonomic chair is adjustable. Most gaming chair pack in ergonomics features to varying degrees: adjustable armrests, lumbar support pad, headrest, adjustable height, adjustable neck and lumbar pillow.

2. Frame Material

The frame of the gaming chair can be made from several kinds of materials it ranging from engineer wood, iron, metal, steel, and nylon. Solid steel or metal construction will be more stable for the best gaming chair according to me

3. Chair Feel Material

There are different types of field materials they can be cotton, fome, memory form, sponge etc. I think memory form will give you the best comfort in a gaming chair.

4. Maximum Weight Recommendation

Every gaming chair has its maximum weight limit if you regularly exceed these weight limits. The overall life span of your chair could be impacted and the same goes for your personal health. A standard gaming chair can typically hold around 120 kg. However, specially designed chairs for heavier users can hold significantly more than that

5. Covering Material

Another factor you should take care of is about upholstery of gaming chairs. The majority of gaming chair is upholstered in synthetic PU leather, there are also variants that features synthetic mesh fabric. If you are on a budget and looking for the best gaming chair the chair with leather can also be a good option, as it is durable. Besides durability, you have to think about the breathability of the upholstery. Mesh fabric is more breathable and cheap as compared to leather fabric

6. Movement Type

There are three types of movement in the case of a gaming chair -swivel, rock and glide. A swivel chair can be turned around the centre point to face in a different direction without moving the legs. The Rocker mechanism is a feature found on many swivel chairs. A Rocker mechanism ensures that the backrest and seat can tilt backwards together and synchronously at the same angle when leaning back. With the help of a wheel caster, you can glide your car easily on a plane surface

7. Size

For the best fitting, you must know the height width and depth of your chair. You have to be aware of the specific size that suits you. Your gaming chair should be 2-4 inches wider than the width of your hips. So, simply add 2-4 inches within the reading of your hips’ width and get your optimal seat width. The ideal sheet depth is the one where your back rest against the backrest while there is some space between your seat’s edge and your knees, optimally this should be a two to the four-inch gap.

You can measure the distance between your knee’s back to the point where your back would meet the backrest of a normal chair. Now subtract 2-4 inches from that reading to ensure your seat’s depth. Determine your backrest’s height in a way that lumbar support and neck support can fix properly. Since you are aware of the basics of a gaming chair now, I have made a list of the best gaming chairs that would be a perfect match for any pro gamer.

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Best Gaming Chairs Under 20000

Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series T Multi-Functional Ergonomic Chair

Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series T Multi-Functional Ergonomic Chair

  • Adjustable Height
  • Arm_Rest, Ergonomic
  • Rolling, Adjustable_Lumbar
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<strong>Dr Luxur Leeroy Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair</strong>

Dr Luxur Leeroy Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair

  • Adjustable Padded Lumbar Support
  • 2D Arm Rest
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Wheelbase
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INNOWIN Defender IGC Series Gaming Chair

INNOWIN Defender IGC Series Gaming Chair

  • Seat Lock
  • Arm Rest, Ergonomi
  • Adjustable Lumbar
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Casa Copenhagen R88 Racing

Casa Copenhagen R88 Racing

  • Designed in Denmark
  • Gaming Chair with Massager
  • Multi-Function Arm-Rest 
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Greysteel Quantum

Greysteel Quantum

  • Greysteel Gaming Chair has a 360° swivel
  • Multi-Function
  • Eco-Friendly Material
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<strong>BAYBEE Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair</strong>

BAYBEE Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair

  • Multi-Purpose Ergonomic
  • Office Chair Head
  • Lumbar Pillow
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Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-700 Ergonomic Series Gaming Chair

Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-700 Ergonomic Series Gaming Chair

  • Racing Edition
  • GT-700 Ergonomic Series Gaming Chair
  • Faux Leather
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Nexlev Maverick Series Gaming Chair MF-22-BK

Nexlev Maverick Series Gaming Chair MF-22-BK

  • 4D Armrests
  • Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion
  • Class 4 Gaslift
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CELLBELL Capree C190

CELLBELL Capree C190

  • 2D Padded Adjustable Arm Rest
  • High Back Ergonomic Mesh Home 
  • Office Chair 
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<strong>REKART RGC3 Gaming Chair</strong>

REKART RGC3 Gaming Chair

  • Terracotta Body Material
  • Adjustable mesh chair
  • Good weight capacity 
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1. Green Soul Gaming Chair

Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series T Multi-Functional Ergonomic Chair

Green Soul Monster
  • PU Leather Fabric
  • Adjustable Neck
  • 4D Adjustable Armrests 
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Base

It is India’s leading ergonomic chair brand. Their chairs are so comfortable that they feel like yoga for your back. It provides you with breathable premium soft fabric and PU leather that permits airflow and gives a cool and comfortable sitting.

Special features include -metal internal frame material, class 4 hydraulic gas lift, heavy-duty metal base, dual castor wheels, swivel type movement (360°), and any position lock available. They provide different colour options for you.

The main theme colour is black. The maximum weight-bearing capacity is 120 kg. The adjustable mechanism supports different angles, declines 90° to 180°, rocking range of approximately 15 degrees. It provides a 4D adjustable armrest.

Tool kit and detailed instruction manual included with the product. And their customer care support for father assistance is always available which makes it the best gaming chair according to me. They provide fixed warranty time also.

2. Dr Luxur Leeroy Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Dr Luxur Leeroy Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Dr Luxur
  • Ergonomic Molded Foam Back Rest
  • Moulded Foam Cushion
  • ‎Polyurethane Material
  • 55D x 67W x 131.5H Centimeters Dimensions

They provide different models for your personalized requirement. Their product includes an ergonomic design for adjustable reclining, tilt and height. The dr Luxor over power gamer chair supports a healthy setting posture so that you can game.

They provide multi-layers of synthetic leather that is tough and more durable than standard PU leather making it better to withstand the wear and tear from hours of daily use.

Special feature includes-Alloy Steel frame material, 2D or 4D answer, heavy-duty metal wheelbase, detachable lumber and neck pillow, class 4 gas lift, dual muted caster wheel, adjustable footrest model, 180-degree decline and multi-locking position.

Their colour combination is amazing. Maximum weight-bearing capacity is 165 kilograms which makes it the best gaming chair. It is self-assembly and it is very easy only you should follow the installation manual.

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3. INNOWIN Defender IGC Series Gaming Chair

INNOWIN Defender IGC Series Gaming Chair

  • Fabric & PU Leather Material
  • Game Recreation Room
  • Aluminium Frame Material
  • 47D x 67W x 133H Centimeters Dimensions

This is simply the best when it comes to chairs. Backed by years of ergonomic research and experimentation they have discovered the finest quality material that helps to best support you and your posture. Upholstery cover – fabric and PU leather.

Special feature includes a soft PU 3D or 4D adjustable armrest, heavy-duty gas field nylon base, tilt mechanism 90° to 180°, adjustable neck pillow and plumber support, great quality model form, infinite locking position, robust metal frame, nylons wheel, 360° swivel rotation.

The maximum weight-bearing capacity is 120 kg. different colour options or available. Toolkit and detailed instructions for assembly are provided with the product, it is the same assemble type. They provide a fixed warranty time.

4. Casa Copenhagen R88 Racing Gaming Chair

Casa Copenhagen R88 Racing

Casa Copenhagen
  • High-Back Italian Leather Gaming Ergonomic chair
  • Advanced Mechanism 
  • Electric Back Massager
  • Luxurious Memory Foam Seating

It is another company which provides you best gaming chair. Upholstery material- Italian leather. Special features include spine and lumber support, chrome base, electric back massager, luxurious memory form sitting and multi-function armrest. Multiple colour options are available. Easy to assemble with 2 years warranty coverage.

5. Greysteel Gaming Chair


Greysteel Quantum
  • Height Adjustment
  • Rocking Function
  • Backrest Adjustment
  • 150 kg Weight

Grey steel gaming chair is designed for a comfortable seated position. Alloy frame covered in quality hands sewing PU leather. It has 360-degree swivel and smooth racing castor wheels for mobility, and 90-degree to 180-degree reclining for working, gaming, reading or napping.

20-degree controllable rocking and retractable footrest for relaxing, high-quality sturdy base, 4D adjustable armrest, adjustable height, removable headrest pillow.

An adjustable massage lumbar pillow makes it the best gaming chair. It comes in extraordinary silver colour. The maximum weight-bearing capacity is 150 kilograms. It is a self assemble type but 24/7 customer care or always available.

6. BAYBEE Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair

BAYBEE Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair

  • Multi-Purpose Ergonomic
  • 7-Way Adjustable Seat
  •  Mesh Fabric
  •  Lumbar Pillow

Another one best gaming chair companies is BAYBEE. Provide ergonomic design. Upholstery material is a well-breathable fabric.

They provide SGS certified gas lift, a high-quality sturdy base, 360° swivel and smooth racing caster wheels for mobility, 90° to 180° reclining, 20° controllable rocking, retractable footrest, USB cable power supply messages, extra thick high-density foam.

It comes in grey colour. The maximum weight-bearing capacity is 158 kg. Self-assembly required detailed instruction manuals are available.

7. Pulse Gaming Chair GT-700

Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-700 Ergonomic Series Gaming Chair

Pulse Gaming
  • Faux Leather
  • Racing Edition
  • GT-700 Ergonomic Series Gaming Chair

Their product is durable PU leather padded with a high-density sapping sponge, comfortable, skin-friendly and resistant to wear. It has adjustable height adjustable hand rest and lumber pillow heavy-duty base and rubber casters, a steep decline going back 180° rocking function that tilts the seat and backrest. It comes in red-black colour. self assemble type.

8. Nexlev Maverick Gaming Chair MF-22-BK

Nexlev Maverick Series Gaming Chair MF-22-BK 

  •  Premium Fabric Upholstery
  • Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion
  • Frog Mechanism
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Base

In search of the best gaming chair, you have to visit NEXLEV at least one time. Premium breathable complete fabric Upholstery is used to provide comfort without compromising style. The neck cushion is made of model foam and the lumber cushion is made of class memory foam covered with velvet-like soft material.

Special features include an integrated metal frame structure, class 4 gas lift, tilt mechanism paired with heavy-duty metal base, large dual wheel nylon casters support, and maximum weight holding capacity of about 150 kilograms.

The chair is suitable for people with height friends 5’2″ up to 6’5″. 180-degree recline back, 15-degree any position locking mechanism, 360° swivel function. 3D arm set. Mainly in black colour, maximum weight bearing capacity 150 kilograms. Warranty coverage is available.

9. CELLBELL Capree C190 Gaming Chair

CELLBELL Capree C190

  • High Back Ergonomic Mesh Home
  • 2D Padded Adjustable Arm Rest
  • Imported Pneumatic Hydraulic

Cellbell is known for its ultra-edge design. The covering material is fabric. It inbuilt with a gas lift hydraulic, sept Bolt mechanism, screw with Allen key, adjustable 2D padded armrest, height adjustment up to 8 cm, twin wheel castor, easy and smooth swivel, adjustable lumber up and down and adjustable and headrest.

Comes in grey and white colour, with a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 105 kilograms. Do it-yourself type installation, if you need help customer care is available.

10. REKART RGC3 Gaming Chair

REKART RGC3 Gaming Chair

  • Diecast aluminium base and heavy-duty caster
  •  Move easily across
  • Nylon mesh seat 
  • Soft nylon pad.

Last but not least in the series of best gaming chairs the brand name is Rekart The upholstery material is PU leather easy to clean.

It is inbuilt with a neck rest and backrest lumber pillow which is removable, Steel frame structure, metal base, adjustable height and adjustable footrest, 175 degrees recline. Different colours are available. It is a self assemble type.

FAQs: Best Gaming Chairs Below 20000

1. What are the benefits of gaming chairs?

Working with comfort increases your efficiency. For long time sitting work, you should not compromise your health.

Sitting on a gaming chair helps you to sit in a correct posture as it comes with an adjustable lumbar, headrest and armrest.

2. What is an ergonomic chair?

Ergonomic simply means adjustable. With the help of ergonomic design, you can adjust your gaming chair as per your requirement.

3. Dose gaming chairs only for pro gamers?

You can use it for your office work or long hours of study also.

4. Do gaming chair sweat?

You will sweat less as you play video games. The Mesh component of a gaming chair will help circulate air throughout the room and keep you sweat-free.

5. Is a leather gaming chair hot?

It can be a problem with PU leather. If you are a sweaty person or if you live in a warm area then you tend to sweat more at the contact points.

6. How to assemble a gaming chair?

It is simple. You only need to follow the installation instruction.

7. How is a gaming chair different from an office chair?

Mesh backs are one of the most obvious differences between most office chairs and gaming chairs.

Office chairs are most typically made with mesh backs to improve airflow and help you stay cool during long work days.

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