Daikin VS Carrier AC: Which One is Best in 2024

As the days are going temperature is increasing linearly. Standing on this June when the temperature is more than 46 degree Celsius and it fills like 52 degree Celsius installing AC at home and workplaces not only give you relief from the heat but also will increase your work efficiency.

This article is not about AC, this article contains all about the best 2 leading companies of Daikin VS Carrier AC. “Which is best DAIKIN or CARRIER?” is the most asked question among AC buyers. In this article, we will find the best answer to this question. If we can evaluate the basic and most important difference between these 2 brands then we will get the right answer.

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Daikin AC

Daikin is a Japanese multinational air conditioning manufacturing company that is known for producing high-quality air conditioning products. They offer a range of air conditioning systems, including split ACs, inverter ACs, window ACs, and VRV systems, that are designed to be energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and reliable.

Carrier AC

Carrier is another well-known brand specialising in conditioning and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems. You will find different models of AC under this brand. Carrier AC units are known for their reliability, energy efficiency, and advanced features.

Difference Between Daikin VS Carrier AC

In this article, I am comparing between 1.5-ton 5-star AC of Daikin VS Carrier AC. Both of these brands are good but there are some points which make a difference between them. I will mail you all the details for both of these ACs and figure out all the minute differences which will make one between both the best.

1. Cooling Performance

I think it is one of the key points of comparison that comes 1st. Daikin AC is built to perform even 54-degree centigrade temperatures and Carrier AC can work up to 52-degree centigrade temp. In India in summer average temperature is 41 degrees centigrade you can choose any one of them based on cooling performance.

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2. Price

It is the second important point of comparison. The price of the product most of the time depends on the extra features. If I compare two 1.5-ton 5-star split AC of Daikin and Carrier then it is noticed that Daikin charge more than Carrier. Before giving this point more importance please read other points also.

3. Noise Level

Split AC does not make more noise. It is another important point of discussion. Nobody will want any disturbance during sleep. Both Hitachi and Daikin AC have the same noise level which is 38 dB. So, this point does not make any difference between them.

4. Cooling Power

The cooling power of an AC depends on the wattage. Cooling power of Daikin AC is 5.28 kilowatt on the other hand Carrier AC has colling power 5.00 kilowatt. On this point, Daikin AC got +1 point.

5. Annual Energy Consumption

For Daikin AC annual energy consumption is 785.67 kilowatts. On the other hand Carrier AC has annual energy consumption is 754.05 kilowatts. As Daikin has more cooling power so, it has more annual energy consumption.

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6. ISEER Ratting

The higher the ISEER rating, the more energy-efficient the air conditioner is, and the lower its electricity consumption will be. Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is determined by the Indian government. Daikin has ISEER ratting 5.2 and Carrier has ISEER ratting 5.13.

7. Condenser Coil

Both of these brands have 100% copper coils. Copper is the best material for the motor.

8. Filter

Different type of filters is included with AC that filters air during cooling. You can find advanced-quality filters in both brands. Both of them are good.

9. Spatial Feature

After eliminating similar features I have listed out unique features of both of these AC. Daikin AC includes Dew Clean Technology, Triple Display, Dust Filter, Adjustable, Dehumidifier, ‎3D Airflow, Air Purification Filter, and Auto Clean. Carrier AC includes 6 in 1 convertible mode, 4 Fan Speed, Hidden Display, Auto On/Off Timer, Sleep mode, Auto Restart, Intelligent CRF Alert,

10. Compressor Type

Carrier has a single rotary compressor and Daikin has a swing compressor. A swing compressor is more efficient than a rotary compressor.

11. IDU and ODU Dimension

Carrier AC has an IDU length of 94 cm, height of 27.5 cm, and an ODU length of 79 cm, and height of 54 cm. Daikin AC IDU length 88.5 cm and height 29.8 cm, ODU length 84.5 cm and height 59.5 cm. It is very confusable one has a large indoor unit the other has a large outdoor unit.

Pros of Daikin AC

  1. High cooling power.
  2. High ISEER ratting.
  3. High cooling performance.
  4. Swing compressor.
  5. Inbuilt dehumidifier.
  6. Triple display.

Pros of Carrier AC

  1. Less price.
  2. Less annual energy consumption.
  3. 6 in 1 convertible mode.

FAQs: Daikin VS Carrier AC

1. Which is best Carrier or Daikin?

Daikin is best if you consider cooling capacity, and Carrier is best if you think about price. Both are good. Choosing the best is your personal choice. After a deep study, I consider Daikin is the best than Carrier.

2. Which Ac has more advanced features?

Both of these AC can control by remotely. There are different convertible modes. But Daikin has more advanced features like a mobile app, Alexa voice control etc.

4. What is the refrigerant of AC?

Air conditioners (ACs) use different types of refrigerants to transfer heat from inside the room to the outside environment. This refrigerant causes global warming the biggest problem in the world. R32 is the most advanced refrigerant which causes less global warming. New models Ac from both of these companies use R32 as a refrigerant. Both Daikin and Carrier Ac has R-32 as a refrigerant.

5. Which is no. the one AC brand in India?

Voltas, LG nowadays become most popular all over India.

6. What is the most important point for compression between two AC brands?

Features and price is the main point for compression.


Both of these brands have their pros and cons. You should choose those brand who has fewer cons. Take AC according to your need. Read the article and find the pros and cons of both of these AC. Daikin cost more and have more advanced feature but lack a convertible mode. On the other hand, carriers lack some advanced features but have convertible modes which also cost less. I think the convertible mode is the most important feature but for some people, price is also a limiting factor.

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