Centralised AC vs Split AC Differences in 2024

Are you thinking of buying an Air Conditioner in recent days, but you can’t decide between Centralised AC vs Split AC then I have to say that you are at the right article because in this article we are going to discuss “Centralised AC vs Split AC Differences”. Summer is coming and we have many ways to escape the scoring heat of summer such as Ceiling Fans, Air Coolers, and most popular Air Conditioners etc. Since the main topic of our today’s article is air conditioners, so let’s talk about them.

For a common buyer, it is too much difficult to choose a perfect air conditioner for his/her home or anywhere else but doesn’t worry we are here to inform you about the differences between Centralised AC vs Split AC. So, let’s start our today’s article and discuss this topic completely step by step. First, we have to know what is Centralised AC vs Split AC.

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What is Centralised AC?

The centralised Air Conditioner is a type of AC. Which is able to cool a large space or different areas of a building by circulating the cool air through the ducts. This type of air conditioner has a large compressor which is installed outside the home, they are mainly responsible for better cooling. This compressor removes the humidity and heat from the air and throws the air into the room with the help of the ducts.

Like everything there has also a few pros and cons, let’s discuss a bit about them.

Centralised AC Pros and Cons


  1. If you are looking for an air conditioner that can cool a large area then you can go with it because a centralized air conditioner is made to cool a large area or an entire building very efficiently.
  2. Centralised Air Conditioners produce typically less noise as compared to other types of air conditioners.
  3. A centralised air conditioner has a lot of filters which are able to remove unwanted particles from the air and makes your indoor air healthier.


  1. The installation cost of this type of air conditioner is very high, especially in those buildings where ductwork is needed.
  2. This type of air conditioner consumes a lot of electricity which makes this AC less pocket friendly.
  3. These types of air conditioners need regular maintenance.

What is Split AC?

The split air conditioner system is one of the most used air conditioning systems, especially in residential houses. As the name suggests, this type of ACs comes with two different units indoor unit or an evaporator unit and an outdoor unit or a condenser unit, they both are connected together with electrical wires and refrigerant pipes. This type of ACs is able to cool a room very efficiently.

But like everything it has also a few drawbacks so let’s talk about them.

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Split AC Pros and Cons


  1. This type of Ac consumes less energy than the other to cool a specific area and this is one of the main reasons for its popularity.
  2. The installation process is competitively easier than a centralised air conditioner and it is also cheaper.
  3. You can control the temperature of a specific area as per your requirements, which you cannot do with a centralised air conditioner.


  1. Although not like a centralised air conditioner, you still need to maintain it regularly after a certain period of time.
  2. Centralised ACs are suitable for cooling an entire building or multiple rooms at once, but split AC systems usually cannot do that because they are specially designed to cool a particular single area.
  3.  This type of ACs is expensive, the initial cost of this type of ACs is higher than the other.

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Centralised AC vs Split AC Differences

When it comes to choosing the perfect air conditioner for your home or anywhere else, there are four different types of air conditioner are available in the Indian market such as Windows ACs, Split ACs, Centralised ACs and Portable ACs. In today’s article, we will discuss Centralised ACs and Split ACs only. 

Both are different types of air conditioning systems so it is natural to have a few differences between them, now we will discuss them. We have already fixed a few parameters of this difference and now we will know those points one by one.

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Centralised AC vs Split AC Power Consumption

In terms of power consumption, split air conditioners use less electricity for cooling whereas a centralised air conditioner system requires a lot of energy to run. This can be attributed to the fact that a split air conditioner is capable of cooling a small area or a room very efficiently whereas a centralised AC system is usually used to cool an entire building or a large area. So of course it will take a lot of energy to cool a large area as compared to a small room. But if we look at the ratio of cooling to power consumption, a centralised AC system seems more economical rather than a Split AC.

Centralised AC vs Split AC Cost

The cost of an air conditioner depends on a few things, the initial cost of a split air conditioner is higher than that of a centralised Ac system. But on the other hand, the installation cost of a centralised AC is higher than a Split Air conditioner due to its duct and larger cooling capacities and it is maintenance cost is also high. So, in this case, it is more difficult to say which one is cheaper and which one is more expensive, it totally depends on you and your requirements.

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In this case, Split AC beat centralised AC. Because a Centralised AC system spread the air through the ducts and cools your entire building and because of the ductwork, the installation process is more complicated as compared to a Split Ac. The installation cost of a centralised Ac system is also higher than a Split AC. But if you have to cool an entire building or a large place on a budget then there is no option except a Centralised AC system.


In most cases, Split AC produces less noise than a Centralised AC system. Because the compressor and the Fan of a Split AC are located in the outdoor unit but in a Centralised AC System all these parts are located inside the building so that’s why it produces more noise rather than a Split AC. So, in that case, Split AC beats Centralised AC another time.


If we talk about maintenance then you will find Split ACs maintenance is easier and cheaper as compared to a Centralised Ac system. A centralised AC system needs more maintenance as compared to a Split Air conditioner because of its complex working process, large cooling area, ducts, etc. A split air conditioner has a few basic components which make this air conditioning system easy to maintain and also cheaper in price. So, in terms of maintenance Split Ac is one of the best options we have in our hands.

Cooling Ability or Capacity

Both of the air conditioning systems are best in their own place in terms of cooling capacity. If you need an air conditioning system for cooling an entire building or a large space then a Centralised air conditioner is the only option we have in our hand or if you need an air conditioner for a particular room or a small place then Split Ac should be one of the best choices for you.

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Centralised AC vs Split AC Which is Better?

So, we already know all the pros and cons of Centralised AC vs Split AC and we have also found out few differences between Centralised Ac vs Split Ac. Now, it is time to discuss which one is better for you and why. The answer to this question depends on a few conditions such as cooling area, budget, control of temperature etc. Both of these air conditioning systems are best at their own places, you have to choose the right one which is perfectly suitable for you and your requirements.

If you need an Air Conditioner for cooling a whole building at once then a centralised air conditioning system is perfect for you this is why you will find a centralised AC system in most commercial buildings like shopping malls, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and many other large commercial places.

But if you want to buy an Air Conditioner for your residential home or somewhere else like that a Split AC is definitely the best choice for you because in a Split Air Conditioner, you can able to control the temperature of individual rooms or areas separately but you don’t get this feature in a centralised air conditioner. So, if you want to buy the best Split air conditioner on a budget then you can check out my previous Ac-related article best AC with 5 years PCB warranty.

So, both of the air conditioners are best but you have to choose the perfect one for you according to your needs, keep this above discussion in your mind before choosing an Air Conditioner as per your needs.

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FAQs: Centralised AC vs Split AC Differences

1. Can I install a Split AC myself?

Yes, might be you able to do it, but personally, I wouldn’t recommend it. In terms of split ACs most of the reputed companies do the installation free of cost by their own professional technicians.

2. Can I use a Centralised Air Conditioner to cool a single room?

Yes, you can but this would not be a good decision as it would not be energy efficient at all. So, in terms of cooling a small space, Split is best rather than a centralised Ac.

3. Which consumes more power Centralised AC vs split AC?

If I put it simply then centralised AC consume more energy as compared to a Split AC but this was the one aspect of this phenomenon we have already discussed the other side of this story in the above article.

4. Is centralised AC also has an ISEER value?

Yes, definitely centralised Ac has also an ISEER Value like other air conditioners.

5. What is the main difference between a Centralised AC and Split AC?

In my opinion, the way of air circulation is the main difference between Centralised AC vs Split AC. Centralised AC needs ducts for circulating the air whereas split Ac does not require ducting.

Final Thoughts On Centralised AC vs Split AC

So, if you are reading the conclusion of this article then I assumed that you have read the entire article completely. Nothing more to say in conclusion I have discussed the whole topic of “Centralised AC vs Split AC” from all aspects. I hope this article will able to answer your all questions related to this topic, but if I missed some questions then definitely comment please comment in my inbox.

Hope this article is helpful to you. If the answer is “yes” then please don’t forget to leave a comment, your feedback is valuable to us it will be a great pleasure for me and my blog. If you have any queries related to this topic then please comment me below, I will try to answer all of your queries as soon as possible. Thank you for reading this article till last.

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