Best Position to Install AC in Bedroom

Are you thinking about installing a new split AC? then you should also consider the Best Position to Install AC in the Bedroom. At the time of installing the right position of the indoor unit and outdoor unit, both are important. We have already discussed the position of the outdoor unit.

In this article, we will discuss the Best Position to Install AC in Bedroom. It is so important to choose the right position for the indoor unit. The position of the indoor unit has a direct effect on tour health and cooling efficiency of AC, work efficiency of the AC. Let us read the article.

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Tips to Keep in Mind Before Installing Indoor AC

1. Size

You have to choose AC according to the size of your room. It is the most important point to keep in mind. Size chart available with every manual of AC. Measure your room and calculate it in square feet and make a comparison with the standard size chart.

2. Hight of AC Installation

Before going further you should know about this fact. You know that hot air rises and cool air sets down. Your AC indoor unit sprays cold air in the room and sucks hot air. That is why the air conditioner should be placed high on the wall rather than placing it low. You have to keep a minimum 6-inch distance between the roof and IDU and 7 feet distance between the floor and IDU.

3. The Shape of the Room

If your room is rectangular then you have to choose the longer wall for AC installation. If you choose the shorter wall then the air which comes out from the AC has to travel more distance then one side of the room will be cooler and the other side will get less cool.

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Best Position to Install AC in Bedroom

1. Should Not be Installed Above Almirah or Wardrobe

Wardrobe and almirah are the most common furniture in the bedroom. Never install the AC IDU above that. It will restrict AC’s airflow which will further lead to poor cooling of the room, less efficiency for the AC and high power consumption. It’s best to place the indoor unit on a wall such that there is nothing beneath it.

2. Should Not be Installed Above a Door

If you install AC above a door then when you open the door cold air rushes directly and makes the surrounding of the AC hot. Your AC seance that temperature and work more that increase the electricity consumption.

3. Should Not Place Above Any Heat Source

This will make the same problem as above. For the heat source, your AC has to work more and that will decrease its efficiency and increase electricity consumption.

4. Should Not Choose the Place Above Another Electric Device

Most of the time outlet pipe of the AC leaks and causes water leakage. This water may pore on the other electric device placed below AC and damage it. It also make problems during AC servicing.

5. Should Not Choose the Place Above the Bed

If you install the AC above the head side of the bed then you will get the direct flow of cool air. That is not good for health. Ac some time release water, this water will disturb your sleep.

6. Avoid that Wall Which Gets Direct Sunlight

If you install the Ac unit on that wall which gets direct sunlight then it will not work properly. AC makes your room but it can not tolerate a hot environment.

7. Should Not Place Above Window

This will make the same problem as the above door.

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Best Position to Install AC in Bedroom

We have to place the AC where it works most efficiently, gives maximum cooling and consumes less electricity. Choose one best wall which contains no window, no furniture, no other electric appliance and no door. Before installing customise your furniture. Choose the best place and enjoy the perfect cooling of you’re AC.

FAQs: Best Position to Install AC in Bedroom

1. Is installing AC in the bedroom a good idea?

Most people install their 1st AC in the bedroom because everyone wants to sleep properly after all day work. If you spend more time in your leaving room or study room, you can install AC there also.

2. What will happen if any position in my room is not proper for AC installation?

Then you have to choose a less imperfect position. You have to calculate according to your situation.

3. Is the position of the outdoor unit also important?

Yes, it is as important as an indoor unit. You have to choose a stable, shaded, well-ventilated position for your outdoor unit of AC.

4. Can I decorate the AC pipe?

Yes, you can do it. AC pipe looks ugly, it decreases the beauty of your room. You will find many decorative ideas on youtube.


A perfect position will get you perfect cooling. Choose the perfect ton AC then calculate all pros and cons of all positions of your room. Then install your AC. Hope this article about Best Position to Install AC in Bedroom was helpful for you.

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