Best AC Repair Service in Kolkata 2023 [Top Air Conditioners Servicing Shops Near Me]

If you are looking for the best AC repair service in Kolkata shop then this article is for you. AC breakdown or ac servicing is common in summer, so for that, we have to call a technician or service engineer for ac repair and servicing. It’s a headache.

Finding a person for AC servicing is very difficult because if the person is not knowledgeable then he can damage your AC even more. So you want to know who is the best AC repair and servicing guy in your area? So today we will talk about which shop or person is there for such service repair in Kolkata.

Friends, in this article we will talk about the Best AC Repair Service in Kolkata. AC repair and servicing become a big issue for some people. So there is a fast option for AC repairing and servicing that you can call brand customer care and call a service engineer. Another way is that there is such a service and repair shop around you and you can get service and repair done by someone you know.

The third option you have is that you can call a service engineer from a third-party app like UrbanClap, Justdial etc The fourth option is that you can do it yourself, if you know someone, then you can save all the money by doing it yourself.

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Signs Your AC Needs Repair or Servicing

1. Insufficient Cooling

If your AC is not cooling as expected then your AC needs repair and servicing. There are many reasons for not cooling such as holes or cracks in the ductwork, overused and clogged filters, the age of the unit, and dirty condenser coils. Due to all these reasons, your AC demanding repairs and servicing very soon.

2. Unknown Noises

If there is such a strange sound in your AC, it is a signal to repair your AC. There can be sound in your ac due to various reasons such as motor problems, compressor problems, thermostat problems or due to excessive moisturiser, your sound can come from such. So quickly call the service engineer and get yours repaired otherwise it may cost you a lot.

3. Water Linkage

Water leakage problem is not a normal thing in AC. It can have many manifestations such as a blocked drain pipe, damaged condensate tray, incorrect installation, Unclean filter of AC, and Insufficient refrigerant level. So you called a technician and showed up.  Which of these is your problem and get it fixed soon.

4. Bad Odour

If yours is coming from such then how to know what is causing it. I will talk about some reasons of odour component is burning inside it, some rats and insects have entered it, gas is leaking, drain tray, Water has accumulated in the drain tray for many days. you can call a service engineer and get this problem resolved.

5. High Electricity Consumption

If you have not changed the air filter for a long time, then you will consume more electricity. Apart from this, there are also some different problems such as refrigerant levels, and poor servicing. For this reason, your ac consumption increases a lot.

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For New Air Conditioner

So first we talk about those who buy new ac. Friends, whenever we buy a new ac, some services and warranties remain in the new ac. If there is any problem with the new AC, a free repair service is provided by the company. Whether it is 1 year or 2 years we should do it with the service engineer of the brand. There are no charges for repairing the service engineer of the brand.

Now let’s talk about the service of AC.So you are getting a new ac, then you get two or three free servicing with it. So the two or three free servicing that you get with AC should be rectified only by your brand service engineer. The service engineers of the brand who come, do your ac service in a hurry and go away. You have to check whether your AC service is going well or not. Writing this article means that you should know about the knowledge of ac serving and repair.

So I will give you some tips about it below the article.

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Servicing or Repairing From the Brand

The engineers on behalf of the brand are very professional and do a great job of repairing and servicing their brands. Proper training is given to the engineer of the brand on the AC of their brand. If any new technology AC has come into the market, then the service of the brand is given to the engineer. 

This can be a very quick and hassle-free repair. Keep in mind the negative point of view as it. When it is peak season, the company takes 2-3 days to send a service engineer. So there you may have to wait, which is a problem for you. the second negative point is the company charges a bit more as compared to local service engineers.

If you think that the brand’s AC should be repaired and serviced by the brand itself and you don’t mind getting the money spent, then you can feel free to get the brand’s service engineer to repair and service it. So it is a safe way, if any problem comes up, you can call or mail the company, it will provide you with the solution.

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AC Servicing Through the App


There are many AC technicians listed on Justdial.  That if you call Justdial, then the number of four-five technicians comes into your phone instantly. You can call him and tell him your problem, you get a little benefit that there is a competitive market, in this the repair and servicing cost is reduced a bit.

There is a big problem in this that no degree and experience is required to get listed in Justdial. Justdial never asks do you have a professional qualification or what is your off working experience just pay up and get listed on Justdial. So it is very difficult to find out how your service engineer will be in Justdial.  Only if the person comes and does the work, you will be able to know whether your work has been done well or not. Because every day new people are joining it, so luck by chance you can get a good engineer as well as a bad one. So that’s why we don’t trust Justdial much.

Urban Clap

Now let’s talk about Urban Club is a very popular app. So Urban Club is the same as Justdial with a slight difference, it is a commission of course and they provide a kit to the service engineers they associate with them.

People who join Urban Club also, like Justdial, urban clap people have a policy that Urban Club sends a professional service engineer with a professional kit and brand wearing a T-shirt. There is an advantage in this that you can check the diffuse of that person by going to the Urban Club app.

Like how many houses the person has visited before for repair and servicing experience and what rating people have given to it. So let us say that it is better than Justdial, it would be better if the service engineer is called from UrbanClap.Because the people who come from there are decent in working and do your work well.

Nearby Local Service Engineers

Local service engineer means that the AC shop in your colony or your friend’s house who comes to do AC service, you can get the service and repair done. Let me tell you a real thing, all the people who work in such a field. 

They do not have any proper degree. He has the experience of his many days, he learns while working in the shop. So call a local service engineer, do a thorough investigation about him and find out about his working experience only then by touching your AC. There is an advantage in this that if you have any problem later, you can catch that person because he is from your nearby area and you are familiar with him.

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Best AC Repair Service in Kolkata

NameContact DetailsGoogle Map Location
AC Repair – Techno Plus Services Pvt. Ltd0858506899917L, Jadavpur East Road Golf Green, Bidhanpally, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700032  
Cyborg Services07044114444Gopalji Mandir, 801 A, Block A Lake Town, Landmark: Kolkata, West Bengal 700089  
Eco Cooling Centre070440 66615BE-14, Rabindrapally, Kestopur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700101 
Perfect Cooling Solution091638 72571  62J, Topsia Rd, Topsia, Kolkata, West Bengal 700039
Smart Care Services070440 977663/16 Rajkrishna Chatterjee Road, Rash Behari Ave, beside Dolna School, Kasba, Kolkata, West Bengal 700042
Dey Service089266 386254/4, Ram Krishna Ghosh Rd, Sinthee, Kolkata, West Bengal 700050  
Ambience Cooling Centre087770 95527CD-54, Baguihati Main Rd, Ashwini Nagar, Kestopur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700159  
Desire Multitech Solutions095251 983872, 1, Jannagar Rd, Mallik Bazar, Beniapukur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017    
Air Cooling Centre080015 86377Bd-116, Kalibari Rd, Rabindrapally, Kestopur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700101  
AC Servicing Repairing (Ganapati Service)      091239 5125352A, Paikpara 2nd Row, Paikpara First Row, Paikpara, Kolkata, West Bengal 700037
Aiman Service Centre099032 93519  Topsia park circus, West Bengal 700039  
Roy Refrigeration098313 41800  F9F5+HPQ, Ward Number 34, Kolkata, West Bengal 700070
Taj Refrigeration098309 91173  Polerhat, Cossipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700135 
Falcon India Company093309 5159513 A Netaji Nagar, Barrackpore Trunk Rd, Kolkata, West Bengal 700036  
National Refrigeration Stores033 2215 838352, Princep Street, Near Electric Supply, Chandni Chowk, Chowringhee North, Bowbazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700072

Benefits of AC Repair and Service

Time-to-time service of AC reduces the chances of major problems. The most important question in this is when the servicing should be done. If you run it only for 2 to 3 hours, then twice a year servicing is enough. If you are using such for more than 8 hours then you should get quarterly service done.

1. Provides Better Air Quality

If you call a person with professional training, then he will serve your AC very well. There is an air filter installed inside the ac, which after running for a long time, all the dusty soil of your house goes inside the ac, which you can deep clean during servicing and remove the dust. Due to the AC being clean, the air through your ac becomes good.

2. Improved Longevity

From time to time AC servicing ensures top-notch performance during the life cycle. If you want to avoid a big expense, then you can do time-to-time servicing. By this, you will come to know which component of yours is going to be damaged and you can save from huge expenses. This is the reason ac will last for many years and will give very good efficiency.

3. Comfort and Convenience

If you work outside all day and want to come home and take a rest and at that time a problem will come then you will be in a lot of trouble and your comfort will get worse. So if you want a smooth experience, then you should get the AC serviced regularly. This will not disturb your comfort and you will be able to pass the time comfortably with your family.

4. Energy Efficiency

Inspecting and cleaning blades, cooling coils, and other essential parts of the unit while servicing your ac.The efficiency of AC increases and cooling is also better than before serving. Due to good cooling, electricity consumption is reduced and a lot of your money is saved.

5. Cost-Effective

There is one very expensive item in your house. So you do not want your AC to be damaged due for any reason. Regular servicing can save your AC main components from major damage. This can save you a lot of money. Regular servicing increases your AC efficiency and you can save a lot on your electricity bill.

Final Thoughts

So, friends, I have cleared all the options for you. So according to me, you must come to know who does what kind of work and who will be beneficial for your work. However, share your experiences with me in the comments. Maybe I have said something wrong, Maybe my experience is different and your experience will be different. For this, you must also comment and one will also share your experience.

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